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I left Vanuatu after 2,5 months living on a sailboat there and jumped on a new boat, called Irie II. The owner is from Texas and it was so nice of him to give me a ride to Noumea.
He normally sails around the world single-handed since many years and I was the first crew he ever had for a passage. I bought lots of fruit and veggies to last us for the 2-3 day crossing but the wind was so weak and it took us longer than that.
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Unfortunately we had all to leave Dravuni Island after 3 weeks because the job got cancelled and we all were very sad to leave the island already.

I didn’t make further plans for Fiji so I didn’t know what I want to do now. We all went back by ferry to Suva because the weather was too bad to take the speedboat.
It took us 5 hours and we all had an own small bed to ourselves. We bought lots of fruits and veggies in the market in Suva before we made our way to my friends place up in Nausori.
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WHAT TO DO IN BALI !? escape the tourism

My flight from Cambodia to Bali was amazing because we landed in Bali around sunset-time and it looked incredible to fly next to the volcanos and land right next to the ocean.

The visa is free here in Bali for one month and when I collected my backpack again after I got my VISA stamp my shoes which I put outside on my backpack were gone.
I walked out of the airport and right before I exit the airport a guy came and told me that he wants to check my bag.

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