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I left New Caledonia on the 5th of November by sailboat and headed to Brisbane. The owner of the sailboat that i joined is from England and has been living on boats almost his whole life so I could learn a lot from him.
It took us 6 days to reach Brisbane, Australia. Continue reading


After one month of sailing around in Vanuatu I went back to Port Vila, the capital of Vanuatu, by ferry. It was a 17 hours ferry ride from the north of Malekula Island. The ferry was very nice, a big area where you can sleep on the ground on a yoga mat or something and also on one of many comfortable benches. Continue reading


I went to the market in Nadi town after I came back from a small island where I did a beach clean up and was living in a tent and run out of food.

I was happy that I could buy lots of fruits again, I really missed the market.
In the evening I had a call with a boat owner who was looking for a person to teach his girlfriend basic-english.

They told me that they only eat organic and mostly vegetarian food. They are from Brasil and the owners girlfriend doesn’t speak any english.

Also, I get my food and bed on board and can join them for surf and snorkel trips around the Mamanuca Islands in Fiji. He said that I can come anytime so I packed my stuff and made my way there the next day. Continue reading

seeing my family again after one year appart – first impressions of SRI LANKA

kai and i flew from the gold coast in australia to sri lanka on the 19.09.2017. we had an 8 hour flight to malaysia and from there it was another three hours flight
to colombo, sri lanka. when we arrived at the airport in colombo we waited in a line to get the visa stamp in our passport. the guy behind the counter didn’t even look at us, i never got a visa stamp so easy before. Continue reading

NOOSA & travelling up the coast for free to mackay – queensland

i left byron after staying there for a month. i spent my last couple of days in suffolk, it’s a place close to byron, at a friends place. it was literally just a 5 minutes walk away from the beach – HEAVEN!
i went snorkelling and saw an octopus & a small shark and i also tried to improve my surf skills a couple of times but i dont think i am not getting any better BUT i saw dolphins next to me in the water so that was pretty amazing. i went out to eat my favourite food in byron which is acai-bowls and indian food. Continue reading

snorkelling with sharks in fiji – coral coast

after 50 day of working in the yasawas we went back to nadi. i really love the plane ride, you see all the small islands with the beautiful reef around. it’s only 30 minutes by plane.

john, a friend from fiji, gave me and a friend a ride up to the coral coast. it took us 2 hours until we arrived at the
beachhouse – a fancy place for backpackers. it’s not really like a hostel – more like a resort.
you can do a lot of activities there.

i went paddle boarding in the mornings, did yoga in the evenings, went kayaking & once i tried surfing.

Continue reading

hippie vibes in the small surfertown raglan

on the 21th of december i hitchhiked from coromandel town down to raglan. it took me 5 hours and 5 different cars until i arrived there.

my couchsurfing host picked me up at the library in raglan. the town is really cute and small, it remembers me of indonesia.. a small surfertown with hippievibes!

we drove 30 minutes outside of town to a place called ruapuke. the house where i stayed was in the middle of nowhere. no other houses around, nothing!
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