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one of the most beautiful cities – KAMPOT, Cambodia

An Indian guy who wrote me on the couch-surfing app came to cambodia for a short holiday. He told me that he can help me with making a great video as he loves doing that and so we met in Kep on my last day in the eco-lodge. We rented a scooter from there and drove another 25 km to the next city Kampot. It’s a small and chill city with a river and a national park around.

He booked a super nice place for us next to the river and outside of town. We stayed in a treehouse and I could sleep in a hammock.
I was so happy!
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GOA – am i really in INDIA ?!

my travels from hopset to GOA was by far the most fancy travel i had done in a long time. i booked an overnight sleeping-bus for tourists because it was the first time that i am travelling alone as a woman in india and a lot of people told me that i should always make sure that i am safe.
the bus left at 8 pm from hospet and arrived at 8 am in mapusa, GOA. i slept pretty much the whole time, i woke up a few times for a couple of minutes because of a speed bump or because i almost fall out off the bunk-bed when the bus was driving fast around a corner but thats it. i got a cold in the morning because there was aircon in the bus. i much prefer taking the local sleeping class in a train here in india but now i know better.
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shearing a sheep – farmlife in southland

on my last day in tuatapere jesse (the host there) drove me to invercargill. it was an hour drive away.
he had to buy some stuff there because in tuatapere they only have a small four square where everything is pretty expensive. a lot of people go once a week or every second week for a big shopping-trip to the big supermarket pack n safe in invercargill – because it’s way cheaper.

i hitchhiked from invercargill to riversdale. it’s not touristic there at all and the road was really really quiet BUT i got a ride after waiting half an hour in the rain.

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