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finally getting a green thumb for gardening ?!

alana and i arrived in the afternoon at our new wwwoofing-place in kakanui. it’s close to oamaru. the family there is really nice – the man is from kenia and the woman from new zealand. they have a cute 3 years old daughter named elsie. she is full of power and once she started talking she never stopped which was exhausting for us 😀

they life in a really quiet area with a huuuuge vegetable garden. i never saw such a big garden before. they have a few sheep, chicken, goats & two sweet cats, .. Weiterlesen

crazy student-city dunedin

we arrived in dunedin around lunchtime and our first stop was pack n safe. finally a big supermarket again and civilisation. we bought a lot of good food and had lunch in the car on the carpark there. alana (the german girl) and i found the best combination for the toast bread: peanutbutter with blackcurrant-jam. delicious!!

after it we went to the library to charge our phones and look for a place where we can stay.. i wrote a few people on couchsurfing if they can spontaneous host us the next two nights. Weiterlesen

swimming with dolphins – wildlife in the catlins

the people on the farm brought me to the mainroad in riversdale where i waited for a car to get a ride. it was a really quiet road to hitchhike. i waited 10 minutes until the first car stopped. 4 men were in the car and they asked me: „do you feel like going in a car with 4 men?“ i thought that i don’t have space in the car anymore because it looked already full but i was happy that a car stopped so i said yess. Weiterlesen

shearing a sheep – farmlife in southland

on my last day in tuatapere jesse (the host there) drove me to invercargill. it was an hour drive away.
he had to buy some stuff there because in tuatapere they only have a small four square where everything is pretty expensive. a lot of people go once a week or every second week for a big shopping-trip to the big supermarket pack n safe in invercargill – because it’s way cheaper.

i hitchhiked from invercargill to riversdale. it’s not touristic there at all and the road was really really quiet BUT i got a ride after waiting half an hour in the rain.

i arrived at the sheepfarm in the afternoon in the middle of february . Weiterlesen

hippieplace in tuatapere

a traveller who i met during my stay in te anau brought me to a place called tuatapere. it’s down south in southland.
i stayed there one week and helped a canadian guy packing his stuff that he can move to australia.

he sold his house so we slept in his yurt and stayed in his sheds. it was really cool there. the yurt had a fireplace so we could always make a bonfire at night. otherwise it would be too cold to sleep. Weiterlesen

a cruise in milford sounds national park

on my day off in te anau the owner of the motel booked me a cruise to milford sounds. that was really nice from her.. normally it’s about 150 dollar because the bus and the lunch was included as well. i got it for free! Weiterlesen

how to become a professional cleaner in te anau

i hitchhiked from queenstown to te anau.. it’s a 2 hours drive and the landscape around is beautiful as always here.
i waited 15 minutes until a car stopped and i couldn’t believe which car stopped – a really fancy looking red ferrari. OMG
i got a free ride in a FERRARI ? nice! 😀
the men was really nice as well. about 40 years old and travelled a lot with his family.. he had a lot of interesting stories to tell.


beautiful Queenstown

chris, a guy from germany picked me up in franz josef glacier and brought me all the way down to queenstown. it took us about 7 hours.. we stopped a lot of times to take some pictures because the nature is amazing here!!

Franz Josef Glacier

i arrived in franz joseph glacier on the 24th of january. my couchsurfing host sandro picked me up from town and we drove a bit outside of town to his place.
he is living in a truck, pretty cool!! i always wanted to stay in a truck. you pretty much only have to clean one room, amazing 😀 Weiterlesen

Abel Tasman & Bays

after the wwoofing-host wrote me a mail that i can’t come anymore i had to make a new plan!

i had a look at the backpacker new zealand facebook-groups and i found two other girls who wanted to go to abel tasman. laura, a girl from germany came over and stayed at the couchsurfing place as well and the day after in the morning we made our way to marahau beach.

i booked two tickets for the freedom kayaking in abel tasman the day before.. we picked up another girl from the netherlands on the way so we could do the kayaking tour together. Weiterlesen

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