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act like you are a fijian – FIJI’S culture

some facts about the culture and the life here in fiji:

fijitime: no one is in a hurry and everything takes forever
– in some villages the women are not allowed to have long hair
– in some places you are not allowed to wear a hat
– you should not touch the head of a child, it’s not respectful and really rude
– mostly the people don’t say yes. they raise their eyebrows instead, it’s really funny to watch
– sharing is caring here
– they love to eat kasawa because it’s really easy to grow and fast but it’s really dry and the locals eat it plain all day long Continue reading

kava – the local drink in fiji

if you travel around fiji there is no chance that you don’t get to try kava because it playes a huge roll in the culture in fiji.

kava is a plant, it comes from the root of the yaqona bush. the root is ground up and then strained with water into a large wooden
communal bowl.

in the culture here it is a symbol to bring two groups of people together, everyone sits around the kava bowl. Continue reading

i think i am in heaven – my time in the YASAWAS

i flew back to the yasawas after one week break, where i went to the coral coast on the main island in fiji.
i arrived at the airport with another guy who also worked as a gametester and a pick-up picked us up from the airstrip in the yasawas.

we saw a lot of ripe bananas next to the road on the way to the village and we stopped to get them.
i was soo happy about them because normally we never saw bananas on the way to our place there.
we arrived back in the village around lunchtime and everyone was there. i felt so happy to be back because it feels like
home there.
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snorkelling with sharks in fiji – coral coast

after 50 day of working in the yasawas we went back to nadi. i really love the plane ride, you see all the small islands with the beautiful reef around. it’s only 30 minutes by plane.

john, a friend from fiji, gave me and a friend a ride up to the coral coast. it took us 2 hours until we arrived at the
beachhouse – a fancy place for backpackers. it’s not really like a hostel – more like a resort.
you can do a lot of activities there.

i went paddle boarding in the mornings, did yoga in the evenings, went kayaking & once i tried surfing.

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working in paradise – dreamjob in fiji

i had a look on the facebook fiji backpacker group for inspirations where i can go to next and i found a job offer which says that you need to have at least 20-50 days in fiji to do this job.

i thought that sounds great for me – you earn 50 fiji dollars a day (which is not a lot) BUT you get free food and accommodation and work as a gametester. i asked if they need more people for the job because rhona, the girl from germany who i met on the farm in fiji, wants to come as well.
they told me that they were only missing two girls, so that was perfect.
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living in the jungle – farmlife in fiji

i arrived in nadi, fiji airport at lunchtime on the 10th of april. it took very long to get the visa on arrival on the airport and they wanted to check three times if i really have a backflight ticket, so strict.

i took the bus to lautoka which took me around 1 hour. i only paid 2 fiji dollar which is around 90 cent.

when i stepped out of the bus everyone stared at me.. i think the people never saw a white tourist before. it remembered me a lot of sri lanka.
all those small shops, the crazy heat, the delicious fruits, the cheap transport, .. Continue reading

10 days of silence – vipassana meditation retreat

i hitchhiked from a couchsurfing place in puhoi, where i stayed for three nights, to the vipassana retreat which is close to auckland.
it was one hour away from puhoi but the road was quiet and windy and mostly with gravel.

i got so lucky that the first car stopped. it was a 50 year old man and he even invited me to stay at their familys place after my
the retreat was not on the way where he wanted to go but he said he didn’t want to drop me in the middle of nowhere so he brought me all the way to the centre which was soo kind. Continue reading

petting a kiwi bird – sliding down sanddunes – cliff jumping & more – in NORTHLAND

after my farm-job in dargaville i went to whangarei and i drove to my new couchsurfing host alex. he is a 74 year old man who lives in a caravan a bit outside of the city. he has a garage with a tent and two mattresses inside. that’s all you need for couchsurfing. i arrived there in the afternoon and he asked me if i want to see a kiwi-bird by daylight..

i was confused because you can only see kiwi birds at nighttime and they are so rare. there is one small island in the bottom of new zealand which is called steward island. that’s pretty much the only place which is known for seeing kiwi birds at night.
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feeling like a slave on a kumara-farm in dargaville

my new workaway-host picked me and another traveller from france up in auckland.
then we drove a bit outside of auckland to the house where his family lives. he said to us that we sleep there today but maybe we sleep in the kitchen because the house is always full 😀

he is from india, so we expected 100 people there 😀 and we were right. sooo many people. the whole house was full but i got a mattress in a small office to sleep. his wife cooked dhal and rice for us – really delicious. Continue reading

back to city life & roadtrips around auckland

finally ! my flight back to auckland was on the 15th of march.. it was a hot day when i arrived around lunchtime at the airport. i took the expensive Tourist-skybus back to the middle of the city, queen street.

i met up with a friend, his name in kevin. he allowed me to stay at his place the next days. he picked me up from the centre and we put all my stuff in his flat. then we drove 45 minutes outside of auckland, to a place where they have a frisbee-golf course. i got a little bit better than i used to be the first time i tried it but i am still not good in it 😀
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