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KEP, Cambodia – teaching english in an eco-lodge

Kep is a small chill town on the coast of Cambodia. It once belonged to the french people & that’s why there are so many french people living now and almost every menu in the restaurants are written in french as well.

I found a volunteering job in a eco-lodge! (a french one of course) 😀
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I chose the bus company Nattakan from Bangkok to Siem Reap in Cambodia. It was around 20 dollars for a 8-9 hour bus ride and we got water, snacks and a vegetarian lunch. Continue reading


After I stayed in the north of Thailand for 10 days I was looking for a workaway job. I found a Dhamma meditation centre which was looking for an assistant to help them with their daily duties & who can help them with teaching english and mindfulness to kids in the school. I thought that sounds really interesting so I applied and I immediately got a response that I can come.
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After a 11 hours bus-ride I arrived at 7 am in the morning in the city Chiang Mai. It’s a city in the northern part of Thailand.
From there I was looking for a bus up to a small hippietown which is surrounded by beautiful mountains. It is called Pai. I found a very cool looking transportation, I think they are called jeepneys. It’s mostly where locals go with because its cheap. I got in one of those with another couple from Thailand and we were driving 3 hours through amazing nature and the windiest road I have ever experienced. Continue reading

on the road again – THAILAND

On the 6th of February it was again time to say goodbye to my family and friends. I spent 1,5 months in Austria and it was so good to see everyone again. I spent as much time as I could with my family.
This time, I booked a flight from Munich to Bangkok with Ukraine airlines. I never used that airline before and now I know why. Continue reading

MUSIC is the wallpaper of our minds !

what do you think when your hear the word music ?

for me, music is:
.. when I sit (like right now) on a big balcony overlooking amazing rice-paddies in the north of Thailand and listening to all those noises around.

It’s like all those animals are making a concert. There are roosters screaming, all those different birds singing, I hear the relaxing sound of the water in the river, sometimes I hear some scooters driving past, .. it’s so gorgeous here! Continue reading

there is no wifi in the forest but i promise you will find a better connection!

i grew up with the attitude that you have to work hard for your money and nothing in life is for free.
i don’t exactly know where my intention to travel the world came from but i guess i was just curious if life is really about buying stuff we don’t need, with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t even like!
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kai and i decided to go to prague for a couple of days because we both wanted to go there since a long time. i found really cheap bus tickets with the flixbus for 15 euros one way. it only took 4 hours by bus to reach there. Continue reading

winter wonderland – christmas in AUSTRIA

i decided that i will fly back to austria to visit my friends and family for a bit. kai said he will join me so after the vipassana course and two nights were we did couchsurfing in the big and busy city mumbai it was time to make our way to the airport for our long journey to europe.

our visa expired on the 16th of december and our flight was in the morning of the 17th december so we thaught that it would be a good idea to go the night before to the airport and tell the airline our visa situation. Continue reading

GOA – am i really in INDIA ?!

my travels from hopset to GOA was by far the most fancy travel i had done in a long time. i booked an overnight sleeping-bus for tourists because it was the first time that i am travelling alone as a woman in india and a lot of people told me that i should always make sure that i am safe.
the bus left at 8 pm from hospet and arrived at 8 am in mapusa, GOA. i slept pretty much the whole time, i woke up a few times for a couple of minutes because of a speed bump or because i almost fall out off the bunk-bed when the bus was driving fast around a corner but thats it. i got a cold in the morning because there was aircon in the bus. i much prefer taking the local sleeping class in a train here in india but now i know better.
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