I flew with virgin australia from Bali to Nadi (FIJI). I had a short stopover in Sydney (Australia) for one hours.
I was so tired after a long flight overnight where I couldn’t sleep that I didn’t see the sign in Sydney which said international Transfer.

So I followed the crowd and waited in line to get my visa stamp. When it was my turn it was already boarding time for my flight and I was a bit nervous. The lady told me that I have to go all the way back to the transfer sign. It was not a big sign so it was no wonder that I didn’t see it. My brain felt super empty because I was so tired. I sprinted to my boarding-gate and got in the plane.
The plane was almost empty and I thought that must be the wrong plane then, but it was not. I had 3 seats to myself but I couldn’t really sleep for some weird reason. Probably because it was already light outside. I arrived in Fiji around 3 pm and I only waited 5 minutes to get my visa stamp.

After that I didn’t have to wait to collect my backpack so I could leave the airport 10 minutes after I landed which was awesome! My russian friend Andrei came to the airport with some food and water which I was super happy about!
We waited for my Fijian friend from Suva whom I met a year ago and he told me that he has a job close by today and he can take us up to Suva and we can stay at his place for the night. It was so nice from him and we drove 5 hours up north to his house.

I was happy to see his cute daughter again 🙂 I slept like a baby that night. The next day in the morning he dropped us to the Yacht Club in Suva because we had to take a boat to our next job in the Kadavu Island group. It was a 1,5 hour bumpy boat ride until we reached the village there. I could not describe how beautiful it is there. Cristal clear water, white sand-beaches, hills to hike up and coconut-trees everywhere. It is paradise & I was lucky that I could call that special place my home for a bit.

My favorite spot on the island was the view-point from up the hill. You can see the whole island, the other islands around and all the beautiful reef around. I could sit there forever and chill and play ukulele. That was always my spot to go to when I needed some quiet-time. I mostly went there at night to watch the stars which were more than pretty most of the time.

The snorkeling there was amazing as well. The island is surrounded by the fourth biggest reef worldwide. I saw so many beautiful and different fish.
Fiji definitely has the best under water life that I saw so far in my life.
We had a lovely village dog called Lucky, he was adorable and followed us all the time. He mostly joined me for my walk up the hill.

On most of the days we got picked up by boat to do some work for a TV show. It didn’t feel like work and it was always fun. I never thought that I can work in Fiji in paradise and earn money doing that.

The locals there were amazing and they made us feel like home ride away. We got lots of vegetarian food this time, vegetarian pizza, dhal, dalo and all the other roots that they eat in fiji. We even got chocolate cake a lot of times.

I learned new fijian words from the locals and enjoyed staying with them.