I went to the market in Nadi town after I came back from a small island where I did a beach clean up and was living in a tent and run out of food.

I was happy that I could buy lots of fruits again, I really missed the market.
In the evening I had a call with a boat owner who was looking for a person to teach his girlfriend basic-english.

They told me that they only eat organic and mostly vegetarian food. They are from Brasil and the owners girlfriend doesn’t speak any english.

Also, I get my food and bed on board and can join them for surf and snorkel trips around the Mamanuca Islands in Fiji. He said that I can come anytime so I packed my stuff and made my way there the next day.

I went with the big Malolo catamaran to a place called musket cove. It is a popular sailing spot as the resorts around are very yachting friendly.
Free hot showers, free swimming pool to use, water refill, etc.
The owner and his girlfriend are from Brasil and the girlfriend didn’t speak any english when I arrived.

They picked me up and we drove with the dinghy to their sailboat. They leave the sailboat half a year here on a mooring and the other half a year when they go back to Brasil they leave the boat here in the “storage” room.

So that meant that I won’t be sailing around here in Fiji. The boat is also very old and they can’t really use the anchor anymore as the chain would break otherwise.

I had a small bed on the front of the boat and I slept like a baby all of the nights I stayed there.
For some reason I sleep thousand times better when I am on the ocean.
I managed to make a power point presentation where I put lots of pictures and also translated some words into portuguese that it is easier to learn english for the owners girlfriend.

It worked out really well and she was very motivated to learn and improve her english. In a few days I could have basic conversations with her and she became less shy.
The best thing about the food on the boat was that everything was organic and healthy. They also have all sorts of things to put into the porridge in the morning which I really loved.

On my first day I jumped off the boat after the english class and went snorkeling to a tiny reef close by. From there I swam to the beach and explored the new area around my “HOME”.

There are two islands, one has two big resorts and a small airstrip on in for helicopter and small planes to land and the other one is with hills and villages. I swam to the local one and walked on the beach. I saw a small cottage in the middle of nowhere and a local lady waving at me.
I came to her and met Lala, a wonderful fijian lady who just decided to move to a small cottage away from the village.

I talked with her for a few hours and loved her stories about life. She told me that she just finished all the weeding and she is trying to plant something. She has to take care of her four grandchildren because their parents work and live in the resort so the kids stay with her and she always has to bring them to school and pick them up. The school is one hour walk away and the kids have to walk along the rocks which are quite slippery.

She used to be english and maths tutor in Nadi and her parents are the ambassadors of Fiji so she always had the “high life” around her. She got very tired of always having to dress up and the materialistic things in life. So she wanted to have a change and moved to the island and built a small cottage. I was happy that I met such an incredible, warm hearted and kind lady who could teach me lots of new fijian words.

I decided to help her in the garden as I had lots of free time and the owner told me that he won’t move the boat as it is too old and he loves the spot here as we have free hot showers and the world famous surf spot cloud break is close by.

I thought that we need good soil first to plant veggies and fruits as the soil there was very poor and mostly sand. I started to collect the food waste that we throw in the ocean otherwise. I asked the owners friend as well on the boat next to ours and he gave me his food waste a lot of times.

In a few days the compost pile I made in her garden got pretty big. I also asked the restaurant at the resort and they often gave me their compost as well which was a lot. I always had to go to her place with the stand up paddle board as the owner didn’t want to waste petrol to go there.

The wind was pretty strong sometimes and one day I really struggled on the way back to the boat. I didn’t move forward when I was standing, I only moved backwards. I went on my knees and still moved backwards. I jumped off the board and grabbed it in the back and decided to swim which was a bit more successful. A very friendly man on the boat close by saw me and offered me help and brought me back to the boat.

The next day I walked along the beach at the resort and explored the area there. The owner and his girlfriend were walking to a bar on the beach and I didn’t feel like joining them. I saw locals playing volleyball and I went there to watch them but as soon as they saw me they invited me to play with them. I am not very talented at playing volleyball but it was fun. One of them worked as a security guard at the resort and he taught me a lot of fijian words as well and showed me around the resort which was pretty big.

He invited me to join them for dinner at their place which was mostly cassava and fish so I just ate a bit of cassava. He also showed me the area where there is one of the locals working and his job is to open coconuts all day long. I went to him and drank coconuts as they are very expensive when you order them on the island-bar.
Once the security guard saved me a bit of his breakfast which was banana-bread and coconut-muffins. So delicious and I was very happy that I got some sweet things.
The owner and the girlfriend mostly went back to the boat and picked me up late so I was happy that I had some friends on the island where I can go to and spend time with & practice my fijian.

After one week a friend of the owner from Brasil arrived as well and we were 4 people on the boat which is a lot for a small boat but still do-able. He is kite-surf instructor and just quit his job as pilot and started to travel the world. He is super cool and he could teach me ashtanga yoga and he went surfing with me at cloud break when the waves were small on one day.

Sometimes we took the sailboat to cloud break which was amazing because there were almost no other boat around and the starts are amazing out there. During the time we were there the swell was pretty good and the guys went surfing all day long.

The owners girlfriend and me could chill on the longboat on a bean bag which was super comfortable and watch them surfing and take awesome pictures as they had a great camera. I really don’t know how they do that that they make catching huge waves look so easy. I could sit all day long on the boat and watch all the surfers.

Snorkeling around the reef at cloud-break was just incredible. I got a small surfboard and tried to sit on and just paddle around and learn to control it to feel saver once I go to surf at the big surf-spots here. The surf-spots are pretty scary as the reef is right below and the water is super shallow and all of the surfer I met have reef-tattoos so it doesn’t make it look very inviting to me.

The compost turned out to be great and the kids who are living in that house understand as well why to make a compost and now they always put their food-waste in the compost pile I made outside in the garden and when friends come over the proudly tell them about the compost and what it is good for so I am very happy that I could educate them about something very useful.

Normally when you arrive in Fiji you get a visitor visa which allows you to stay in Fiji for 4 months. Unfortunately the company I worked for changed it to a work-visa which only lasts 3 months and I couldn’t extend it.

I made a boat trip to the Yasawa Islands with a friend of the owner on the weekend and we tried to see Manta Rays at a great spot which was a 3 hours bumpy boat ride away with the longboat. It was an adventure as we were not prepared to spend a night somewhere, at least I was not because I thought we come back the same day.

When we arrived in the Yasawas we couldn’t spot any Mantarays so we asked two locals in a boat if they know where the spot for the Mantas is and also if they know a cool village close by because I definitely didn’t want to stay in a fancy resort there.

The man answered: You want to stay in a village? You come and stay at my home.

I was so happy about that and we drove with the man to his village which was on the next island. His wife welcomed us to their house and showed us around in the village and in their farm. They made delicious dinner for us and we had a long chat to that lovely couple. In the morning the lady cooked an amazing breakfast with fijian donuts and coconut-rotis for us.
It was so nice of them and at 8 am we had to drop the man back to his work at the resort. We were so grateful that we got to stay there. We tried our luck at the manta-ray spot again but unfortunately we couldn’t see any rays but we met a couple on their boat which we were hanging out for a while and those people were super nice and offered me a boat-ride to Vanuatu, as they also sailed to Vanuatu at the time when my fijian Visa expired.
It was perfect as I was looking for a boat to sail before but everyone was staying in fiji for the whole season and so it worked out so well and the trip to the Yasawas was so worth it.

On my last week in fiji we anchored the boat out at the surf-spot cloud break because it was a huge swell and impressive to watch the waves.
On my last day we went back to Musket Cove where we had a hot shower and after that we had pizza with ice cream and we were baking a cake in a friends boat. It was so nice to have that after being on the other boat for so long. The boat where I stayed didn’t have a shower or oven because it was super old.

You really learn to appreciate a shower after washing my hair with salt-water for a week. I almost got dreadlocks 😀

The next day in the morning we did yoga on land which was great and afterwards I got picked up from my new boat I could go to Vanuatu with which is an insanely luxurious boat. I couldn’t believe how lucky I got to get offered a ride up to my next country VANUATU with them.