My flight from Cambodia to Bali was amazing because we landed in Bali around sunset-time and it looked incredible to fly next to the volcanos and land right next to the ocean.

The visa is free here in Bali for one month and when I collected my backpack again after I got my VISA stamp my shoes which I put outside on my backpack were gone.
I walked out of the airport and right before I exit the airport a guy came and told me that he wants to check my bag.

I thought okay

, go ahead and it won’t take long BUT he emptied my whole bag, both my bags actually.
He unpacked everything, looked in my underwear, looked in every page of my book, … it took more than one hour.
We was asking me questions like how old are my sisters, what’s my favorite country,
Super awkward & he didn’t care when he saw my pepper-spray or some food I brought in my bag. I guess he was looking for drugs but of course I didn’t have drugs with me.
Something like that never happened to me before, normally people come to me and tell me how cute I look & don’t think that I look like a drug dealer or something 😀

After 2 hours on the airport a guy from workaway picked me up by scooter and we drove to his hostel in Dalung which is normally around 30 minutes by scooter but it took us much longer because the traffic was insane. Even worse than India.

Dalung is a pretty nice place, 7 km away from the beach in Canggu & rice fields around instead of tourists.

My first days involved a lot of waiting as I didn’t know where my host was or when he comes back so I couldn’t do much and when he came back he wanted to show me the beach, chill bars, etc. Nothing to do with work. I found that nice that he cared so much about showing me great places but also strange because he talked about how much work he has the whole time but never wanted to work. I didn’t enjoy to wait around and don’t do what I want to do while I was in Bali so i changed locations.

I made a friend who lives in Bali and we drove up to the north/east of Bali to see amazing untouristic rice-fields. We drove around 10 hours on that day, starting from Canggu. There are rice-fields in the north, called Jatiluwih.

For some reason google maps led us a local road where we didn’t enter those rice-fields in the normal touristic way, but in a real local village where we didn’t had to pay. It was so great, a real adventures as the road was not really a road.

We drove through all of the big and amazingly beautiful rice-fields & had lunch overlooking the beautiful landscape. After lunch we drove further to famous temple on a lake in the mountains, called Pura Ulun Danu Bratan Temple. It’s very touristic but incredible beautiful there! Then we drove further up hill in the mountains and it started to rain so heavily. Fortunately I bought a huge rain-jacket for 3 euros. We drove in the middle of nowhere on small local roads which very super steep, windy and bumpy. It was so nice to see kids waving at us because they are not used to see tourists. I felt like I am in Bali on that day, much nicer than being in the touristic areas all the time.

I moved to a couchsurfing-place in Canggu, 3 km away from the beach. I mostly worked online in the mornings and afterwards I went to the beach to swim & chill there. I found a great spot on Berawa Beach, called Hidden Beach Bar. You don’t need to pay for parking there which is rare in Canggu. The bar is super chill and not so busy and I mostly ordered a coconut & stayed there the whole day!

My couch surfing host was a sweet lady from Jakarta. She moved to Bali one year ago and rents two rooms in a local hotel. One room for her and the other one for couchsurfers or sometimes on Air BnB. I shared to room with two french backpackers. It was in a good location, a bit away from all the super touristic and fancy restaurants & lots of local food (warungs) around!

My plan was to stay there for only one night but when I came she offered me to stay for 8 days. I really loved the vibe from that place as the owner are super friendly and they even had a swimming pool on the first floor where I never saw anyone using it other than me and my couch surfing host.

The owner of the hotel taught me how to make Canang (offerings) made out of banana leaf and 5 different sorts of flowers, sugar, coconut, etc.

I discovered really nice quiet beaches around Canggu, especially a bit north of Canggu. The waves were mostly really high during my time there so swimming was also not the best idea because of the strong current. I really wanted to go surfing but I knew that it won’t be fun for me to try it there when the waves are so big. I went to drive to Kuta for that, only for that 😀

Kuta is horrible in my opinion, the beach is super busy and you have to pay for getting changed, for the toilet and even for sitting there. I rented a surfboard for one hour for 40k Rupiah which is around 2,5 Euros. The surf there was so good for me because the waves were not so big and perfect for beginners. I never caught so many waves as I did on that day.

Kai and Andrei (my friend from Russia) arrived in Bali as well so we went on exploring the Uluwatu area which was definitely one of the best ideas. We stayed in a place called Ungasan which is pretty chill and quiet. We went a few times to a beach called Gunung Payung which was only a 10 minutes drive away from Ungasan. You have to pay 50 cent to get entrance to the beach and then you have to hike down a hill (takes about 5-10 minutes and it’s very steep). The beach there is incredible, caves everywhere, white sand & the water is so clear as a rarely saw before. There are waves further outside which are great for advanced surfers.

We payed 2,5 Euros for renting a scooter per day which is pretty cheap! The petrol is even cheaper, to fill up the whole tank you pay around 2 euros.

I had the brilliant idea that we go to Amed (a small and quiet beach town on the other side of Bali). I was so annoyed of all the tourists and crowded places around Canggu.

We put our two big backpacks and my hand-luggage on one scooter and drove 2 hours to Ubud where we spent one night so that Andrei can see the fancy hippie town as well. We ate in those fancy vegan restaurants where the food looks so tasty but the portions are super tiny and you pay a lot for the food.

Anyway, at least he saw what Ubud is all about. The next day we drove around Ubud and explored the local areas with the beautiful rice-fields around. We made our way to Amed which took us around 3 hours and it was a very nice drive. We drove on windy roads in the mountains surrounded by beautiful rice-fields. The couch-surfing host that I found for us is from France and he is working in Amed as a diving-instructor and lives in a beautiful big local style house. Amed is a small and quiet beach town on the other side of Bali where it is still chill and not so touristic.

Only tourists come there for the famous snorkeling and diving. We rented a snorkeling mask for 2 euros and explored the small beaches along Amed. There is an underwater temple and an old ship from the war where you can snorkel and dive to. We saw lots of beautiful coral and fish there. The next day we explored to surroundings a bit by scooter and took lots of pictures along those pretty rice fields.

There is a volcano called Agung which is close by and there was an eruption two weeks before we were there so they evacuated all the villages close by. We drove to a sign which said that we are not allowed to go further but we saw so many kids on scooter driving past that so we decided to go and have a look and drove further to the volcano. We drove a long and windy road up the hill to the foothill of the volcano. It was a very impressive view from there and there was no other tourists. I love places like that!

On my second last day in Bali we drove back to Kuta to bring the scooter back. I said goodbye to my russian friend there & met Kai again for one day before I had to leave Indonesia. We went to explore the area around Sanur which is also not far away from the airport. He found a very cheap and amazing Air BnB there where we had a pool and outdoor-bathroom for us. We drove to the closest beach and had to pay 2 euros entrance to for that, just to walk on the beach – it’s insane. The beach was not even nice & there were horses and camels on a chain and they looked more than unhappy!

I got some shopping done in Kuta. Two years ago the prices were 5 times cheaper as they are now and you have to pay for every step you make! At least I found some nice shoes for me and also a small bag that I can put around my hips.

On my last day in Bali we drove to Nusa DUA and the surroundings and the beach there was so beautiful.

Clear and blue water, white sand – so pretty!
We just chilled and read there and enjoyed the last day. Kai dropped me at the airport in the evening & I never saw such a busy and loud airport as I did on that day!

I had a ticket to Fiji & therefore I also needed to booked a ticket out of Fiji. I got a fake-one for 5 dollar online and the lady on the check-in counter wanted to see it and she was checking in her computer a lot of things.

I was scared that she finds out that it was fake but fortunately she didn’t. I had to empty my water bottle before going through security and after that I could fill it up again and right before boarding I had to empty my water bottle again which was super frustrating and I really don’t get the system of the airport.

What’s so bad about water? Total bullshit but anyway, what can I do?! I would prefer not to enter an airport anymore but I guess it’s kind of difficult ..