An Indian guy who wrote me on the couch-surfing app came to cambodia for a short holiday. He told me that he can help me with making a great video as he loves doing that and so we met in Kep on my last day in the eco-lodge. We rented a scooter from there and drove another 25 km to the next city Kampot. It’s a small and chill city with a river and a national park around.

He booked a super nice place for us next to the river and outside of town. We stayed in a treehouse and I could sleep in a hammock.
I was so happy!

The road to the place in Kampot was more than a dirt-road. Only locals were driving there and with my big backpack it was super difficult.
The place where we stayed next to the river is called Sabay beach resort and you definitely should check it out if you are looking for a great place in Kampot!

We explored the area around with the scooter and drove in all those cute local villages where children are waving at tourists when they see them. The next day we drove to the Bokor Nationalark which is only a 15 minutes drive from the city centre of Kampot.

The road in the national park was more like a high-way, super big road and very easy to drive! It took us around one hour until we reached the top where there is a big buddha statue and some old buildings. We had a great view from the top of the national park and really enjoyed it to be so close to nature again. Then we drove further to a waterfall where we had to pay 1 dollar entrance. Normally I never pay for going to a waterfall but we already drove so long to get there and so we thought we might as well have a look. It was a great view there but I really don’t understand why they charge tourists for going there!
On the way back I found this really cute local restaurant close to the buddha statue and we ate delicious fried veggie rice.

Back in Sabay Beach we chilled & I jumped a view times in the river because it’s so nice there and you can jump from the first floor into the water and I really try to reduce my fear of heights so that was a great training for me.

The next morning we drove to pepper plantations. Those famous plantations are called La Plantation because the owner are from France. The plantations are between Kampot and Kep but further into the middle of nowhere. A long drive on a dirt road where I always think that we will fall every second because its so bumpy and sometimes slippery to drive on.
On the way we passed a lake called “Secret Lake” which is very beautiful and peaceful. The pepper plantations are huge and you can have a free farm tour and they explain you everything and you can even taste all the different peppers they sell.
On the way back we stopped at a small local restaurant and I had Amok. It’s a local dish (mostly they make it with fish but you can also order a vegetarian option without fish).

After the plantations we brought the scooter back to Kep and I showed my new Indian friend the famous grab-market there.
Then we took the bus back to Kampot and I said goodbye to him because he drove up north to see the Angkor Wat Temple.
I checked in to the cheapest hostel I found in Kampot (it was 2 dollars). The name is Wish Oun Nim Hostel and I can only recommend it.
It is close to the city centre (5 minutes walk), you can refill the water for free, there is fast WIFI connection and every bed has a mosquito net and a towel. It’s a very good deal!

I turned my couch surfing hangout-function on and met up with a Russian guy who lives in Kampot. We went to the night-market where we had vegetarian Pad Thai for dinner.

The next day I got picked up from a workaway-host who is living on a permaculture farm 30 km outside of Kampot. The farm was in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by beautiful mountains. It was a new workaway host and on the profile they said that vegetarians are welcome and that I will get my own small bungalow to have privacy and that they also have wifi.

When I arrived there nothing of those things was true! But the people who live on the farm were really nice! We had lunch together (I had to pick small chicken pieces out of my food) and then we were working in the mandala-garden with digging and mulching. We also harvested cashew-nuts and had dinner together. After dinner (which was also with meat) we had a meeting what we did today. The meeting took 2 hours. It was already after 9 pm and I was just super tired because normally I sleep around 9-9:30 pm.

The next day we were working again in the mandala-garden. After we finished the garden we were digging a badminton-ground. It was very hot and standing and working hard all day in the sun was not what I expected. We got breakfast around 10 am after working for 3 hours on the farm. Also I didn’t get much sleep in the night because people were going to bed late & were loud.

A teacher from the local school came to say hello around 3 pm and he asked if someone of us wants to come to his school to say hello to the kids. I said yes, I would love to because I was really done with the farm-work – I was never sweating so much before.
I drove with him to the school and he said to the kids: that is your new teacher for today!
He told me: “ teach”!.

I thought that I say hello to the kids and not that I am teaching the kids where I have no idea what they already learned.
It was very strange. Anyway, I made the best out of it and really enjoyed it to teach them the body-parts and sang some songs with them. After I thought them vegetables and fruits we played hangman and they had to guess the words. It was so much fun!

When I came back to the farm in the evening I told the owner that I will leave tomorrow because it is not what is says on the website and I don’t like when I get wrong informations before. I don’t want to be at a place where I don’t get sleep, have to eat meat & have no wifi because I had to book and organize some things.

They felt sorry and apologized and also it was good that I told them because the other volunteer also were not happy about the situation there. We all had to work all day long in the sun without any break. I hope it got better for them after I told them.
The owner were so excited about my idea of making a herb-spiral in the garden so I had to teach them the next day how to make one.
Normally it takes some days or at least a full day to make one but they decided that we have to make one in two hours because that was when I left. So, we were working really hard and fast to finish the herb-spiral and they were happy with it!

When I came back to Kampot I went to the same hostel again and later on my new cool russian friend picked me up to drive to the national park and enjoy the sunset there. It was very nice and relaxing!
The next day we met for breakfast at his vegetarian restaurant which is called Simple Things. It is such an amazing place & the menu is just incredible. I loved all the dished I tried so much!!
After breakfast we drove to a secret waterfall where we stayed pretty much the whole day because it was such a nice spot!
The next day I went pack to the ecolodge in Kep because I was missing the place a lot already and I still had a few days until my visa expired!
I was happy to be back in paradise with the sweet dogs & the cute teenager girls to teach english.

My friend from Kampot came and brought me vegan pizzas for dinner because he said that his restaurant has the best vegan pizzas!
He told me that he needs a few things as well in Phnom Penh so we drove together to the capital of Cambodia on my last day.

It was a three hours drive and we arrived there at 7 pm. I found a cool hostel where every bed has a curtain and they also had a female dorm. We went out for dinner & the next day in the morning I did yoga and meditation on a small piece of grass I found new to the main road. It was not the most relaxing spot but better than nothing. He was so kind to buy fruits and snacks for breakfast & we drove to the airport at 8 am.

It was so great to make friends in Cambodia & I really love the country. Can’t wait to be back one day 🙂