Kep is a small chill town on the coast of Cambodia. It once belonged to the french people & that’s why there are so many french people living now and almost every menu in the restaurants are written in french as well.

I found a volunteering job in a eco-lodge! (a french one of course) 😀

The location was the most amazing thing. It was on the edge of the national park and I could overlook the ocean from the balcony and watch the beautiful sunsets every day.
The eco-lodge is one of the most beautiful places I ever stayed at. Bungalows in local khmer-style and the garden is a real paradise, decorated with lots of love.

The mission of the french owner is that he recruits boys and girls from poor families in the neighbour-hood who can’t afford education. He educates them with the help of volunteers that they get all the skills they need in hospitality and learning english.
I taught two teenagers who never learned english before so it was quite a mission for me. I learned how to be really patient which was a real good thing to learn for me as well.

There were 7 bungalows in that place and every morning I went with the two teenager to clean the bungalows. In the evening we always had an english lesson. I made some sort of presentation with pictures for them in order to learn. I don’t speak khmer so it is hard to translate otherwise and with the pictures it was working very well. The made so much progress and after three weeks of teaching they were really good. I am proud of them!

They know the basics now, especially everything they need in order to clean the bungalows & to take orders in the restaurant.

There were also two really cute dogs which I always took for sunset-walks in the national park.

In the morning I woke up for sunrise and did meditation, yoga and sometimes I went for a run to the beach to have a quick swim. It was always empty there in the morning but later in the day there were many locals who want to sell stuff and it was not very relaxing anymore.

There is not much to do in Kep. I did the 8 km loop in the national-park which was great because it’s very beautiful and chill but also nothing very special on the way. The signs say there should be a waterfall but I didn’t see one and also all the other people I met didn’t see it.

The guests in the eco-lodge were mostly around 50+ years old & 90 percent were from France. Only two times we had young backpacker staying. I was very happy about that fact!

Everytime when I cooked my food the staff were laughing at me because for them it is the weirdest thing to not eat meat! Almost every dish in Cambodia involves meat, fish or fish-souce. I had to be very careful to not eat a dish with some oyster-souce. Otherwise I could have straight gone to the hospital there 😀 (because of my allergy to seafood)

I had such a great time teaching english in Cambodia and this place is truly magic. I also learned how to cook some khmer dishes & how to make nice sculptures out of towels.