I chose the bus company Nattakan from Bangkok to Siem Reap in Cambodia. It was around 20 dollars for a 8-9 hour bus ride and we got water, snacks and a vegetarian lunch.

The bus was a very good decision and I always felt save and it was very well organized and also comfortable.
The bus driver could speak english very well.
I applied for the E-VISA in advance. It is 30 dollars and it’s the same price as if you take the visa on arrival.
Many people told me bad things about the border crossing without the e-visa. People try to make lots of money from you that’s why applied online and it was very easy to do that.
You definitely don’t need a travel-agency to do the work for you and pay much more money.

Once you exit the bus you have to check-out from Thailand. What I didn’t know in advance was that you need to keep the arrival-card which you got when you enter Thailand.
I didn’t know that I still have mine in the wallet but I got lucky that I didn’t throw it away!

Once you did that then you have to check-in in Cambodia. You walk along the road until you see a small building which says visa-on-arrival. If you don’t have the visa yet you have to go there! Don’t give them more money than 30 dollars because they don’t give you money back!!

If you already have the VISA you can go further until you see another building. You fill out another form and then you finally get your stamp in your passport!

The bus I took was waiting outside of that building and when I came back to the bus I was the first one!
I had to wait another two hours until everyone had their VISA and then we drove another 2 hours until we arrived in Siem Reap.

The Nattakan bus-station is a bit outside of the city so they offer a free shuttle to your hostel/hotel or whatever in the city!

I didn’t know where I had to go because I was couch-surfing there, SO I told them that I want to go to the pizza restaurant. They were looking at me like I am crazy but in the end the boss dropped me there. I don’t know why the boss brought me there and not one of the other driver but anyway.. I met up with my couch surfing-host and he brought me to his flat before he had to go to his workplace.

I had a short walk around to buy a sim-card and there were small shops everywhere along the road who sell sim-cards and other electronic stuff. I bought a sim-card from the company which is called SMART for 3 US-dollars and I got one week unlimited data for it. That was pretty cheap and after a week I could top it up again for one dollar to get another week of unlimited data.

One thing that I didn’t know in the beginning is that you pay with US-dollars here in Cambodia.
The local currency is Riel but when I wanted to exchange my euros and baht (Thai currency) to Riel they told me that I have to take US-dollars because you can’t buy anything with the local currency.

Cambodia is also not as cheap as I thought it will be! Renting a scooter is around 6 dollars which is twice as much as in the north of Thailand.

My first impression of Cambodia was that it looked like a city in Sri Lanka. Cows everywhere, really dusty roads and small petrol stations same as those tiny supermarkets where you can buy sweets, drinks and cosmetic products. It’s also very hot so for me it felt like I just arrived in Sri Lanka – only the ocean was missing!