After a 11 hours bus-ride I arrived at 7 am in the morning in the city Chiang Mai. It’s a city in the northern part of Thailand.
From there I was looking for a bus up to a small hippietown which is surrounded by beautiful mountains. It is called Pai. I found a very cool looking transportation, I think they are called jeepneys. It’s mostly where locals go with because its cheap. I got in one of those with another couple from Thailand and we were driving 3 hours through amazing nature and the windiest road I have ever experienced.

My couch surfing host Roni picked me up in town and we drove with his motorbike to his place which is 6 km outside of town. Its on a hill from where you have a great view. Its the most peaceful and beautiful house I have ever seen and I got so lucky that I got to stay there for a while.
There was an outdoor shower, a big garden, a bonfire place, … its just an incredible place to relax and be in nature.
Another couch surfing girl from Switzerland was there as well so we were three people staying at the house but most of the evenings some friends came over and we cooked dinner together and made a bonfire.

I didn’t have a scooter and I also felt not so comfortable with renting one because the last time I drove a scooter was already 2 years ago and I didn’t have good memories about that. So, I mostly just started walking – It is a 1 hour and 42 minutes walk to the town but I really love to explore everything slow. Better than renting a scooter, I thought. There were lots of friendly people who stopped when they saw me walking and offered me a ride. The small Hippietown is super cute. Everywhere those little shops where you can buy natural products and cool clothing, there are some book shops and bars, lots of street food where they sell mango sticky rice. Its so delicious.

Another thing that I really love about Pai is that there are all those mountains around the ricefields. It also looks so similar to India because there are so many cows here as well.
I met up with a colombian guy and two french guys and we went to explore the area. We walked to a waterfall a bit outside of town. We watched some local kids sliding down these waterfall which looked kind of dangerous.
They prepared something which they put into black plastic-bags, then they lightened it and threw it in the water. An explosion followed. I couldn’t believe what those kids are able to do. They repeated the whole process a couple of times.
After we had lunch, we drove to another waterfall because it was so hot on that day. The road was very bumpy and when we arrived at the start of the waterfall-hike there was no key in the scooter anymore. The scooter was still on which was strange. Anyway, we drove back two times but didn’t find the key anymore. the French guys had to pay 150 baht which is around 4 euros to get a new key, super cheap – but normally the key is not supposed to fall out while driving.

On one day a friend of my couch-surfing host picked me up and we took a very beautiful 6 hours walk to a waterfall. We had to cross a small river around 36 times which was fun and I did the whole hike barefoot. It was so great to be connected to nature.

Every night there is a street food market in town where they sell every kind of food. Mostly I bought mango sticky rice because thats my absolute favorite dish in Thailand. They also have amazing fruit shakes, Pad Thai and fried rice with cashews.

After 5 days I changed places because the couch surfing host went away for a bit. Because I made friends with his friends I could stay at their place which was sooo amazing as well! A big hammock on the balcony where i could read my new book and I also did lots of yoga and meditation.

I did lots of writing and reading there as well and enjoyed it to be at a place outside of town where it was quiet and peaceful!
There is a huge white buddha statue which is a good sunset-view point and also there is a place called pai canjon which is amazing to have a look at!

On one of my last days there I thought it’s time to rent a scooter – or better a friend kind of “forced” me to do it and I am very grateful for that! sooo, I gave it a go. It was much easier as I thought. The best thing to do in PAI is to just drive somewhere without knowing where you go.

get lost to find yourself again!

I loved to take a swim with cows in the river a lot. I can recommend to not stay the whole day in town because that is kind of packed with traveller.

I met amazing people there & I am so grateful for all the great memories I have from PAI!