On the 6th of February it was again time to say goodbye to my family and friends. I spent 1,5 months in Austria and it was so good to see everyone again. I spent as much time as I could with my family.
This time, I booked a flight from Munich to Bangkok with Ukraine airlines. I never used that airline before and now I know why.

It took me 4 hours to get from Linz to Munich airport by train and the first flight only took two hours until I arrived in the Ukraine.
I didn’t check in online before the flight so I had to pay 10 euros that they check me in which was new for me.
In the Ukraine I had to wait 5 hours for my next flight. The airport was tiny and looked really new and I found a great spot to lay down and relax. They didn’t give me a seat-number for that flight so I got one seat in the first row where I had lots of space for my legs. There was no entertainment program at all in the flight. Those 10 hours felt very long and they didn’t have anything without meat to eat. Luckily I brought some snacks with me.
A big Russian guy was sitting next to me so I didn’t have a lot of space to sit anymore.
I arrived at 11 am in Bangkok. First I thought that I have to pay the visa on arrival which was around 60 euros but then they told me that I can go straight through immigration with my Austrian passport. First time that I was happy to travel with an Austrian passport.

I bought a cheap simcard with true-move for 5 euros.
Before flying to Bangkok I found a couch surfing host for me. He is from Germany but he has been working in Thailand the last 3 years.
His friend is from Thailand but she is teaching German and therefore she wants to improve her talking.
He gave me her contact and I met up with her after I arrived.
I was so exhausted and tired from my long travels but I couldn’t get in the flat yet because he was still at work.

We had lunch together and after that we chilled in a beautiful park close by. I was very impressed by her good German-speaking.
We met the couch surfing host Alex around 4 pm and made our way to his flat. He is living in a area a bit further away and we had to take a motorbike-taxi to get to his place. The flat is big and beautiful and I got a room for myself which was amazing. I had to buy some food so I had a look around the area. There was a convenient-store but they only sell fastfood. I really wanted fruits and I found a local restaurant (if you can call it like that). It was on the road and it looked very very local. I saw that there was a bunch of bananas laying on one table. I asked the lady how much they are but she said “no”!
I really wanted them because I had no other option and I waited around 5 minutes. I asked again and then she gave me the bananas but she didn’t want any money. I was too happy to have fruits.

After I slept around 11 hours I woke up and felt super-fit. I decided to take a long walk to the metro station because its around 2,5 km away and then I made my way to the main bus station which was an hour away.

As some of you might know: I am not a big fan of cities and Bangkok is a pretty big city so I decided to book a overnight-bus to the northern part of Thailand – to Chiang Mai. I booked a bus at 8 pm in the evening so I still had the whole day. I met up with another couch surfing host who picked me up by motorbike and we went to have lunch at a local market together. I bought a mango juice and fried rice with veggies. That was the only vegetarian option there.
In the afternoon I made my way back to the flat and packed my stuff before I went to the end station of the metro in Mo Chit.

The skytrain system in Bangkok is pretty good and fancy. The metros look like those in Europe and they are not as cheap here as I thought they will be.

I arrived at the bus terminal after I had to take a motorbike taxi from the end-station of the metro. Those motorbike taxis are pretty handy here because you don’t get stuck in traffic when you ride a motorbike. There were lots of tourists in the bus. I booked a ticket for around 12 euros for a 11 hour journey. The bus was fancy, it had toilet, wifi, power plugs and comfortable seats and we even got snacks and water.

I booked the last row and got very lucky. The whole bus was fully booked, only no-one was sitting in the last row. Only me, which meant that I got to sleep a bit and I had 4 seats for myself. How lucky!