what do you think when your hear the word music ?

for me, music is:
.. when I sit (like right now) on a big balcony overlooking amazing rice-paddies in the north of Thailand and listening to all those noises around.

It’s like all those animals are making a concert. There are roosters screaming, all those different birds singing, I hear the relaxing sound of the water in the river, sometimes I hear some scooters driving past, .. it’s so gorgeous here!

I feel so connected to nature as I never felt before. I could listen to all those noises around me the whole day without getting bored. It is like every animals wants to tell you a story!
You normally don’t pay attention to that when you are in a rush to go to places.

Everyday I wake up for sunrise and start my day with some meditation & yoga!
Since I am doing that in such an amazing environment I am truly happy and grateful to be here and to have the opportunity to listen to myself, focus on things I want to do without having anyone who wants to talk me out of my dreams.

I had plans for this year: to join my friend on his boat sailing to the pacific islands BUT this plan didn’t work out – so I left Austria without any specific plans.
I was so sad in the beginning to not go sailing with him because I was looking so forward to do that and learn more about life on a sailboat.
.. but now I am happy that it happened like that because right now I am truly free and can go with the flow on my own paste.

I am now in Pai, a beautiful hippie town in the north of Thailand – I fell in love with that place, that’s why I decided to stay here a bit longer that expected!

Everyday I just start the day without plans & get lost with amazing inspiring people in amazing places.

The best plan to have is to have no plan at all!

When you get lost -> you find yourself !