i grew up with the attitude that you have to work hard for your money and nothing in life is for free.
i don’t exactly know where my intention to travel the world came from but i guess i was just curious if life is really about buying stuff we don’t need, with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t even like!

then – we have a job all our life which we don’t even like to earn money and save up for a holiday once a year and then we buy all these new technologies which makes us even more disconnected all together from ourselves and nature!

i guess i was just lucky that i grew up on the “countryside” next to a forest so i always had nature around me. when we were young, my friends and me stayed the whole day outside in the forest baking bread out of mud, planting flowers, playing with stones and trying to build houses out of wood-sticks.

when i got older and especially when i was in my teenager years i went with the flow because i didn’t want that the others make fun of me.
i was afraid that people don’t want to be my friends when i am “not cool” MEANS – when i don’t drink alcohol, when i don’t care too much about guys, when i don’t try to smoke (which failed anyways because i can’t handle the smoke – i just start to cry) … so, i became really disconnected with nature and myself.

i found my way back to my inner self when i quit my job where i worked in the office for a few years. i was not happy and i needed to drink alcohol every weekend to have an “escape” from my life. in that time i questioned the meaning of life a lot and got more interested in the body and mind & health in general. i quit the job and made a course as a fitness- and health instructor which was very interesting for me. i worked in a gym after that and i liked it a lot but i was still curious what is out there in the world, how other people live.

i told my boss that i want to travel to asia for 2 months and i will be away for that time but i will come back. i went to asia and fall in love with travelling after a month. the first weeks of my travels were nice as well but when you are new to travelling you mostly also go with the flow and don’t listen to your own intuition.

so, after a month i knew how i want to travel so i started to go my own way and i learned that it is okay that i don’t join other people and do
something on my own instead. i met the nicest people and i am happy that i am still in contact with a lot of them.

i extended my trip to 4 months but i came back to save up more money and to sell the flat which i still had to pay for, while i was away. i started to work in the gym again but this time my boss and myself knew it’s only for a couple of months.

i wanted to see more of the world, learn about different cultures, explore unknown places, stay with the locals, do different volunteer-jobs and just go without any plans!

i felt lost when i came back after 4 months of travelling in which i had learned so much about myself and when i came back home nothing changed and i just felt that i don’t belong here anymore because my whole mindset changed so much.

i didn’t want to go out in a club anymore, i didn’t want to drink alcohol, i didn’t want to smoke, i didn’t want to do stuff only because of peer pressure, i didn’t want to listen to problems which are not actual problems. i found that a lot of people are not open minded and they only care about really superficial stuff.

we grew up in such a fast and superficial world. we freak out when we don’t have wifi or a phone for a day, or even for a couple of hours. we always need new clothes, even if we have way too many clothes already, but we always want MORE MORE MORE!!

but what for?

people think they are happy when they buy the new phone.. then they are happy for a bit until there is a newer phone! then they need to buy the new phone again.
this a circle which goes on and on and make people unhappy without even realising how stupid that is.

when i lived in places like fiji.. on a small island in the middle of nowhere. always surrounded by amazing nature. no supermarket, no clubs, ..
only nature and the amazing local people there. they live in paradise, most of them have a phone but no other technologies and they cook what grows in their garden, take care of their kids, go fishing, when they are sick they have different plants they use to heal the sickness, they don’t have all those cosmetic products and guess what? – their skin looks amazing … its so refreshing to see how minimalistic you can live!

here in austria for example, we spend so much money on all these expensive cosmetic products because we think we get a good skin when we use them which is absolut bullshit.
if you only use water for your skin you will get good skin but not with those chemicals you put on it.
same with shampoo, if you wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner your hair loses the natural oils and then your hair always depends on those products.
if you don’t use it anymore all of a sudden your hair won’t look good anymore but if you leave it for a while, to recover, your hair will get back in the natural state which then – looks good!

same with the food we buy in the supermarket. the vegetables and fruits are expensive but fast food and all those unhealthy products are cheap. people just
buy cheap products even if those are so bad for your health and make you sick. and also: most people don’t know what they are actually putting in their body and they also don’t want to know how bad and unhealthy those ingredients are.
then they go to the doctor and take lots of pills which costs a lot of money.
those pills are mostly not helping the sick people when you see it long term. they cause allergies and make people even more sick and when you tell them about naturalhealing” with herbs – they don’t believe in it & think it’s bullshit! why should nature makes you healthy???

anyway, i just find that a lot of people back home are disconnected and don’t listen to their minds. they are scared to do something different and so they make themselves unhappy because their fear is holding them back.
the worst thing is when people try to hold you back from your dreams just because it doesn’t fit in their concept.

what is the point if you have to dress up nicely and put on a lot of make-up in order to get someone’s attention? how superficial is that ? think about it..
isn’t it much nicer to be yourself, to not give a shit what people think about you? the right people who you want in your life love you for what you are! not for
how you look like!

when you found out what really matters in your life you know that you can do whatever you want. your are your own master and nobody else.
you don’t need money to be happy. the best things in life are FREE!