kai and i decided to go to prague for a couple of days because we both wanted to go there since a long time. i found really cheap bus tickets with the flixbus for 15 euros one way. it only took 4 hours by bus to reach there.

we thaught there are lots of cheap airBnB places available but we forgot the fact that it was over Christmas and new years so everything was expensive or fully booked. we got soo lucky to find a couchsurfing host who could host us for two nights. the first night we stayed in a cheap guesthouse a bit outside the centre.

on the second day it was snowing and raining. the snow was nice but when it turned into rain it was not so chill anymore. the city was still really busy though.
we had a walk around the city centre, visited the christmasmarket and bought some of the traditional sweets which are called Trdelnik. its really delicious and full of sugar. then we came to the astrological clock and we had a really good timing when we arrived there because it was two to one o clock. every full hour there
is a sculpture next to the clock which starts moving and makes noises and other sculptures appear as well. it was super busy when we turned around, hundreds of
people everywhere.

it was only raining the whole time so we made our way to our couchsurfing host in prague. he was living a bit outside of the city, around 8 metro stops away.
he welcomed us so nicely and gave us fresh fruits and we made tea. he told us that he is manager at the LEGO company and that his job includes sitting in front of the computer and designing new lego things with a program. its such an amazing job! he gave us a lego-nutcracker that he designed & also a lego-watch which is designed by a workmate of him. we could sleep in his huge bed in the bedroom and he slept on the couch in the living-room because there he could work from. it was soo nice and we felt so grateful that we met him.

at night he showed us the city centre and we went to a vegan place for dinner. we also had a stroll up to the castle where we had a great view over prague.

the next day i met up with my best friend lisa and her boyfriend because they made a short trip to prague as well at the same time. we walked over the charles-bridge which is 516 metres long with lots of statues and tourists on it. they built the bridge in the 14th century.
we went up to the castle again and waited in a long line in front of the castle because we wanted to go in to see the veitsdom. it didnt take too long to wait there and go through security but it was freezing cold that day. we went in the dom and saw the huge and amazing structures and window-paintings, it truly was impressing!
we found a vegan restaurant close by where they made traditional dishes. i ordered Svickova which they made out of tempeh and vegetable-souce with dumplings, it was delicious.
then i went back to the couchsurfing hosts place and we had an relaxing evening there!
in the morning of the next and also last day in prague we had to say goodbye to our couchsurfing host and made our way in the city to explore more of prague. we just strolled around next to the river and enjoyed the view of all the beautiful and old architecture in prague. then we went to an indian restaurant for lunch before we walked all the way back to the main bus stop. i think that we walked around 4 hours that day. we bought stuff at the supermarket for the left-over money we had because otherwise we won’t need them anymore and then we looked for the flixbus. it was a big bus and not even one fourth of the bus was full. after 3,5 hours we arrived back in linz.