i decided that i will fly back to austria to visit my friends and family for a bit. kai said he will join me so after the vipassana course and two nights were we did couchsurfing in the big and busy city mumbai it was time to make our way to the airport for our long journey to europe.

our visa expired on the 16th of december and our flight was in the morning of the 17th december so we thaught that it would be a good idea to go the night before to the airport and tell the airline our visa situation.

the guy at the information desk said its no problem because they give you a day extra.
so i looked for a nice place where we could sleep. i found a great spot behind some plants. i put my yoga mat down and did some meditation. kai said that we wont be here for long because the securities will not allow us to sleep here. i already saw myself sleeping here so i stayed there and kai joined me for some meditation. i slept like a baby and noone woke us up!

this time we flew with turkish airways from mumbai to istanbul and from there to munich. i never saw such a big airplane before. we had around 45 rows and in every row where 9 seats. we got blankets, pillows, socks, earplugs, … normally we never even get water for free but that flight was pretty luxurous for us and we had a great entertaining program. unfortunately our flight had 5 hours delay so we missed our bus from munich to salzburg.

my parents said that they will pick us up from munich otherwise we would have had to sleep another night on the airport.
going through security in munich with kai was fun. he has a st. vincent and the grenadines passport and hardly anyone knows that country so they think the passport
is fake. the security man asked him so many questions and wanted to see his credit card and when he leaves the country, what he is doing here, … so strict.
it’s crazy how they treat you only because you have a passport from a country like that. i was a bit shocked because i never really thaught about that. with my
passport it was always easy to travel so i never thought how it must be for people with passports from not so well known countries.

anyway, we made it through security & i saw my family again after such a long time and i was super happy!

kai stayed with me until the 2th of january so we had two weeks in austria. the weather was just perfect when we arrived.
it was snowing and we had sun so we decided to go for a short bycicle tour. it was fun because we could hardly move anymore, we wore layers over layers. in the afternoon we drove to a hill where we could slide down with a sled. it was so much fun! it was the first time that he saw snow. the next day i took him ice-skating and showed him linz. we went to a christmas-market and tried some delicious but very expensive sweets. on my sisters birthday we went with my mum to salzburg and explored the area there. it’s such a beautiful city but after walking for 3 hours we couldnt feel our toes and fingers anymore. we also went skiing to a place close by, called hinterstoder. kai tried snowboarding because he is
a surfer so we thaught that might be a bit similar but he said its completely different. anyway, he did just fine and it was cool to watch him. i also really enjoy to go skiing again, it’s a very fun but exhausting sport. my legs really hurted after a while, i guess i am not in the best shape anymore. this year i finally could celebrate Christmas again with my family and i really enjoyed spending a lot of time with them again and seeing all my relatives again!