my travels from hopset to GOA was by far the most fancy travel i had done in a long time. i booked an overnight sleeping-bus for tourists because it was the first time that i am travelling alone as a woman in india and a lot of people told me that i should always make sure that i am safe.
the bus left at 8 pm from hospet and arrived at 8 am in mapusa, GOA. i slept pretty much the whole time, i woke up a few times for a couple of minutes because of a speed bump or because i almost fall out off the bunk-bed when the bus was driving fast around a corner but thats it. i got a cold in the morning because there was aircon in the bus. i much prefer taking the local sleeping class in a train here in india but now i know better.

my new workaway host picked me up from the busstation and we drove to one of his three properties in nort-goa.
i couldn’t believe my eyes when i saw the house. it was like a luxurous villa which is definitely not the typ of place that i am used to. the whole place was close
to a small place called siolim and it was next to a beautiful river. it’s on a hill and it overlooks all the beautiful mangroves and the rivers around.
i got my own big room with one of the most comfortable beds i have ever slept in and a real nice bathroom. i was really surprised that i can stay there for free because normally he charges around 100 euros per night and more for the tourists who book the place. there was even a big nature-pool in the garden and when you swim in there it looks like you swim in the forest, so relaxing.

he told me a bit about his projects and properties but he didn’t know what i will end up doing yet and he was really busy with work so he just gave me a huge
stand-up-paddleboard which he just got and told me that i should go for a stand-up paddling session in the river. he also told me really relaxed that there are many crocodiles in the river but they dont do anything. he also mentioned a strong current sometimes and told me not to go to the big river. i had no clue where the big river was and which place was dangerous to go to but okay. i took the board and tried my luck.
the river is beautiful, so peaceful and no people around which was also a bit scary because every leaf or wooden stick i saw in the water (and there were heaps of them) i thaught that it’s a crocodile but luckily no crocodile came in my way. there was a kind of strong current sometimes but always possible to go forward. still, i wouldnt go there with a person who is not so fit.

the owner of the place told me about a beach down in south-goa where he wanted to go the day after for a night because its fullmoon and he needs a short escape from the busy life here. i told him about my passion for photography and video-making and he said that i should come with him and make a small video about the place there.
so he picked me up the next day and we made our way down south, which took us three hours until we arrived at a beach called galgibag.

the sunset at the beach there was amazing and luckily he brought his boogie-board which i used pretty much the whole evening there. there were the perfect waves for that.
i was so happy to be at the beach again!!

the owner told me about a new property which they just finished building which is located next to a big river as well and it has some sort of treehouse for a big
dining-area and also a pizza-oven, a beautiful pool, a really chill vibe which is great for younger people. but younger people cant really afford to stay in places
like that so he plans to set up some events once a week where people can come together and they get lunch, use the pool, play music, dance or just simply chill and meet other interesting people. so, that would be our new project: do set up the event in exactly three days.

there was another couple who i should organise the event with. the owner was hardly there and we didn’t know what to do because we needed decoration and everything but he didn’t help us, he was always busy. 5 minutes he said the flyer we made is really bad, 10 minutes later he said it is good. 5 minutes later he told us that we shouldnt do the event on the day we all planned before, 5 minutes later he told us we do the event. it went on like that the whole time and we thaught we are about to go crazy. the couple left all of a sudden one day before the event was so i had to learn how to make cocktails and other drinks because they were supposed to make the cocktails.

the event was fun; not too many people there but the son of the owner also brought all his friends and they got a lot of free drinks and food but at least they paid a bit of money and the people who came from the online posts paid normal price so it was okay.
at least i learned something that day: making mojitos. very great skill to have especially when you dont drink alcohol.

i told the owner after the event that i am not interested in planning events and that i want to focus on gardening and video-making.

i had to move to another property in ashvem (northgoa) for a couple of days because the other place was fully booked. the beach property is a 5 minutes walk away from a very nice and relatively quiet beach! i couldnt do much video editing there because its far away from his office but i could help with polishing the furniture there and enjoying the beachlife. another volunteer from germany who was there as well taught me some yoga and we went to explore the arambol area together. we hitchhiked there and it was so easy to get a ride. arambol beach is known for hippies and we watched musicians and other artists on the beach while enjoying the amazing sunset.

after a few days my partner kai came to goa after he finished his permaculture course. i was so happy to have him back after three weeks.
the owner gave us a scooter for free because we had to sleep in the beachproperty but work in the other property 15 km away.
we made herbspirals in his garden and other things. it came out to be really nice and we were happy with the end-result. i also finished some videos for his website which were real fun to edit.

during my time in goa i also stayed for a week in a place called saraya which is in sangoda. it is a restaurant/cafe/art gallery and they also have a farm.
i arrived at 5 pm and i had to work from 7-11:30 pm in the restaurant as a waitress. i didn’t expect to work as a waitress in a restaurant here until 11 pm.
the volunteer dorm was a really simple shed with around 10 “bed” next to each other. the shower and toilet were really dirty and there was no toiletpaper .
the next day i was the only one who did yoga and the only one who worked on the farm. it was not really as i thought it would be. i was hoping for a community where people do yoga and farming together. the best thing about the place where all the lovely streetdogs, they always made my day.

i did three days of weeding the garden and two days of waitressing in the restaurant. on my first day in the restaurant i made a friend who lives in rajastan and his family lives in canada.
he doesnt drink or smoke, he never ate eggs or fish or meat in his life and he just tried beer three times so far. he loves to take pictures and likes
to travel. after i knew him for 5 minutes it felt like we knew each other since 10 years. so we met a couple of times after or before my work.
we went to explore new places, unknown beaches and islands, went jet-skiing and also he wanted that i join him to the casino because its on a boat here and he has never been to one in his life. we had no idea how the games work but we tried our luck and we lost, but it was fun and they had the best indian buffet i have ever seen. he also showed me very good yoga-poses which i still practise almost every day.

after travelling in untouristic places in india GOA was totally different than the rest!
when i arrived i saw girls riding the bikes in a bikini and everyone is wearing shorts and no clothing that covers the shoulders and knees.
there are lots of clubs, bars and drugs everywhere, its a paradise for people who want to go out! but it’s totally not what i expect when i think of india.
GOA belonged to the portuguese for 450 years thats why it has such a different vibe and you can see all those colourful portuguese houses everyhwere.