we finally left the citylife after 5 days and caught a metro and a bus down south to our new workaway place which was close to mysor, in a place called KR nagar.
the metros in bangalore were really fancy and you even have to go through a security check to enter the metro-station. in the metros there are power-plugs and it looks like it could be somewhere in europe.

the bus down to mysor took us around 4 hours and the road was pretty terrible. speedbumps everywhere and the busdriver didnt really slow down before they came so we flew through the air all the time.

we arrived at our new workaway place in the evening which is a 3 acre farm where an old couple planted a lot of fruit-trees like mango, coconut, banana, papaya, .. and also heaps of other plants.

the room where we could stay in was in their house and they are not a big fan of doors so we only had a curtain as a door which gave us no privacy. they often watched television at night or talked on the phone so that was not so peaceful for us. the best thing about the workaway was the food. this woman could cook – oh my god!
it was so tasty and we always had a lot of different dishes. we hardly had one dish twice.

another great thing was that they grow heaps of mangos there so they made mango-chutney, mango-jam and some other stuff out of mangos. DELICIOUS for a mangolover like me.

the retired couple, who live there built two cottages in the other end of their farm out of mud. the cottages are both lovely and unique.
they made everything natural and decorated everything with glassbottles and wooden things. they made a curtainholder out of wood-sticks. it’s such an amazing idea and so natural. i would love to live in a cottage like that, with an open outside-bathroom and a huge bath-tube.

we went for an early morning walk along the ricefields and rivers with their two dogs. they are so lovely and the walk was amazing. we didnt really see a sunrise because it was so misty but it was still very beautiful. we saw so many different kinds of birds and it felt really magical to walk around in the misty athmosphere.

then we helped the other local workers on the farm collecting some wood and brought it to a big pile because the owner always restore everything.
one of the local workers gave me some really unripe guava and something which is called beattlenut. it was disgusting and i almost had to throw up after i tried to eat it. my stomage felt so weird all of a sudden, i really felt sick and the feeling of throwing up didnt go away until the next day!

the next day we decided to make a herb-spirale in their front garden because they need one anyways and they have so much material which they want to get rid off.
also because we felt like doing something useful and more fun for us because the woman told me that we have to work from 9-2 pm and then again from 3-5:30 pm which is
not normal for a workaway job.
kai worked in a permaculture farm with his cousin back home in st. vincent before for a long time so he knows a lot about farming.

we marked out the area where we want to have it and took a bucket with a string to messure out the spirale. then we put a layer of card-board on the ground to stop the weed from growing. after that we put a layer of gravel-stones on top. then we started laying out natural home-made bricks which they had tausends of on the farm.
we put a few layers of stones and formed the spiral. then we collected stuff like broken bricks which we cant use for the outside part to fill up the space inside the spiral. the middle-part was the highest part of the spiral and from there it got lower and lower until it reaches the ground. at the lowest place on the end we made a small pond to complete the whole eco-system and it keeps the whole area nice and cold.
after we collected a lot of broken bricks and put them in the inside we put a layer of smaller and finer materials of the broken bricks to cover the empty spaces.
then we put a layer of coconut-husks on top followed by a layer of dried leaves. in the end we mixed up sand with lots of compost and put a thick layer of that on top.
to cover everything that it keeps the moisture in we collected dried banana-leaves and planted some herbs for her. the great thing about the spiral is that you dont need to water it! they were so happy with it.

after we finished the spiral we cleaned up an are between the cottages in the back that the lady can plant flowers there. kai just went back to the house to get some
gloves and when he came back to me i saw him running and waving all around him with his hands like crazy. he run to me and said i should cover him with dirt because
there are bees everywhere around him and they attack him. unfortunately there was no dirt close by so i couldnt really do anything and he realised soon that its
probably not a good idea to stand next to me so he run back to the house. he got 7 stings from the bees on his back and legs. the owner told us that this never happened
before and they dont know where those bees coming from.

anyway, the lady didnt saw that i should stopp working there because the bees were gone. i worked for another hour and suddenly all those bees came and back and attacked
me. i never run so fast in my life! i sprinted back to the house and run around in circles that the bees might not get into the house but they didnt go away and kept
stinging me. i run into the house and the lady saw all those 20 bees around me. i guess then she realised that she has to do something against those bees because its
not normal and she cant leave it like this because they have a homestay where guests coming. i got four bee-stings on my ass and some others on my legs.

on our last days there they dropped us by a really old temple in town where we had a look around. when we came out of the temple again two men came to us and wanted
to make selfies. other women came to us as well and wanted to sell us something. crazy that there are areas in india where people just stare at you the whole time because
they never see white people around.

next to the house where we stayed were a lot of rice-fields. we sat down and made a drawing of the beautiful view before we had to catch the train up north to hampi,
which was the last destination before kai went to do his permaculture course and i went to another workaway job in goa.