we catched the bus from KR nagar where we did a workaway-job to the next city called mysore. our train was leaving mysore in the evening so we had a view hours to kill.
there is a huge palace in the middle of the centre so we decided to have a walk around there. at the entrance there was a sign that we had to pay to get into the temple.
kai and i are both not the biggest fans of tourist attractions where you have to pay. the man at the counter told us that we can go in for free because he saw us discussing before. the palace is huge and very pretty.

after we had a walk around we made our way back to the trainstation. another local guy who joined us in the tuk-tuk told us that we should come with him and he can Show us around in town. we still had two hours so we thaught thats a good idea. he went with us to buy some delicious samosas for dinner and after that he brought us to a
shop where locals made handmade furniture. it was impressive to watch. to make cravings in one table can take them 6-12 months.
he also went with us to another place from his friends where they had so many different bottles of essential oils which we could all try.
they were all amazing and smelled delicious but i didnt want to buy some because my credit card got blocked. someone tried to get more than 9000 euros from my credit card in singapur. that means, that i have almost no money left to use.
kai bought some essential oils which are great against mosquitos and good for the muscles to stretch and also good for his hair.

we got in the train around 7 pm and arrived in hampi at 7 am in the morning. we booked the cheapest option which was the sleeper-class. there are four different classes that you can book and our one was where all the locals go.

there were three beds on top of each other, every bed was hard as a stone. we didnt have a lot of space to sleep but it was definitely better than sitting for 12 hours.
i could sleep pretty good actually but at 5 am a family who slept in the beds below us decided to be really loud and turn on every lights so that they woke us all up.

i guess in india it doesnt matter if you are rude or not.

we caught a tuk tuk from the trainstation to hampi. i had to book a ticket for my next trip to goa, a place which is on the westcoast of india.
kai booked a permaculture course for the next three weeks so i will be travelling on my own for a bit.
the tuk tuk driver stopped at an office where i could book a ticket and he also told us that the guesthouse where we are going is closed because of demolotions.
we tried to call the owner of the guesthouse but the number didnt work so we went with him in his really cheap room.

i wrote the owner of the guesthouse a mail because his number doesnt work but we reserved the room on booking.com so it should work. the owner wrote back immediately that they are open and we can come.
so, we packed our stuff again and made our way to the river because we had to cross a river by boat to get to the other side of the town. the other side of the town was amazing, a small hippiepardise. the place which we had the reservation for was another 4 km away. the tuk tuk driver wanted 6 euros for the short drive which is way too much.

we rented a scooter for 3 euros instead which was a crazy adventure because we had all our big backpacks and the roads are also really bad to drive on, sooo bumpy all the time. we made it safe to our new place where we paid 7 euros per night for a doubleroom.
the room was made out of bamboo-leafs, such a chill vibe there and it was next to a beautiful lake and also surrounded by all those amazing rock-monuments.
we explored the area by scooter and discovered an amazing place on a river with a lot of small waterfalls everywhere. the location looked like it’s not real. the water was so refreshing and we jumped in and took a bath there because our water in the homestay was not working so we couldnt take a shower there. it was a popular location
for a lot of traveller and locals to chill out in the evening for a smoke and drinks. some locals came and asked us if we want to buy some lsd drugs or something like this.
they couldnt believe when we told them that we dont drink and that we dont smoke. we simply enjoyed taking a bath in the river and watching a lot of cows swimming across the river as well. it was such a magical place to watch the sunset and play some ukulele songs together.

we found a local restaurant which was open all the time where we could have the best idli which is the healthiest and cheapest indian breakfast and they also had
masala dosas or spinach dosas for so cheap. we didn’t spent more than one euro per meal and we had two portions.

we drove to a huge temple on the top of the mountains. it took us 575 steps until we where at the top. the view was amazing and we even saw some monkeys jumping around and try to open our bags. they served free food up there as well, we got two plates of rice with dhal.

the woman who we did the workaway job for in KR nagar booked accidently the wrong train-ticket for kais journey up north to hyderabad so we had to drive to a big trainstation around 25 km away so change it or book a new one.
the scooter-ride was amazing. no tourists around and on the roads where heaps of dogs, cows and pigs. kids were waving at us because it was not a tourstic area at all where we drove. when we finally arrived at the trainstation after driving on those crazy roads in india we had to wait for one hour until kai could change his ticket.
traintickets are the weirdest thing to book in india, it is insanely complicated.

we brought the scooter back on our last day in hampi and on the way we found a shop where they sold handmade hammocks for less than 3 euros. we bought two because it was definitely worth a try. i also found essential oils for really cheap and a new drawing book for me.

on our way back to the trainstation in hospet we stopped at an old temple in town.
in that temple where elephants and hundreds of cute monkeys jumping around. i have no clue how old this temple really is but it looked so old and impressive.

kai and i had dinner together before we had to say goodbye for three weeks. i went with him to the trainstation because my bus was leaving one hour later. i didn’t feel safe walking back alone in the dark, so i caught a tuk-tuk back. i would have never thought that there were places where i dont feel comfortable walking alone along the street.

so, there i was – a woman, travelling alone in india for a little while – sitting and crying my eyes out in a tuk-tuk back to the busstation, curious what adventures will happen next.