when it comes to travelling, so many people think that you need a lot of money and you have to save up so much before you start to travel. that’s not true!

nowadays there are soo many ways to travel for almost no money.. it only depends on you – how much luxury, planning and structure you want to have.

it’s almost impossible to travel to another country for little money if you have high expectations and need someting fancy and luxurous all the time..

there are so many great ways which you should know about if you want to travel somewhere with a small budget:

it’s the best oppurtunity to meet locals everywhere. you stay at their place for free and most of the time they want to show you around in their area so you get to see secret-spots. it’s an amazing app and you meet great people because only open minded people let you stay in their home for free. the cool thing about couchsurfing is that you never know what you will get.
sometimes i stayed in a beachhouse with my own private room and bathroom, i also stayed in a housestruck, on a couch, sometimes i had a room with beach-view, i also slept on the ground with 10 other girls in the same room. you never know 🙂 every single experience was interesting and cool. i learned something from everyone.
BUT you also have to be a bit careful if you are a girl and want to stay somewhere alone.. just read the references they have and when everybody says it’s a great place then it should be okay – but when they don’t have a lot of references and the profile seems to be a bit strange and not filled out then it’s better to look for another host..
if you found a host on couchsurfing it is always nice to bring food and cook for them. one of the traditional dishes in your country or just bring them a chocolate or something like this when you arrive.

– wwoofing:
it’s an amazing website; you have to pay around 30 dollar in every country to use it. it exists in a lot of countries in the world where you can help people on the farm. wwoofing means world wide opportunities on organic farms. i think when the website started it was only on farms but now you can also find au pair jobs, cafe, hostel, … everything is on wwoofing. it’s not always organic. but it’s a great way to travel. you stay with locals, you work around 4 hours a day and get free accommodation and food. you also have good company and get local tips.

it’s similar to wwoofing-website but for workaway you only pay around 30 dollar once a year and your membership lasts for 12 months. it’s worldwide so you don’t have to pay 30 dollar for every country like you do with the wwoofing website. on the workaway website you find any kind of job: hostel, cafe, farm, au pair, .. there are not so many jobs in each country like on the wwoofing website but there are still a lot and i always got the workaway-jobs easier then the jobs on wowofing because workaway is not as common as wwoofing.

i did some housesitting jobs in new zealand. there is a website called kiwihousesitters.nz.co where there are heaps of jobs available. you don’t even have to write requests that you want to housesit their house sometimes. people often write you that they need someone and if you have time because there are soo many housesitting-jobs. new zealand people love to travel around the world and are extremely open minded and friendly, that’s why they don’t have a problem to trust strangers and let them take care of their house and pets while they are away. you don’t have to work a lot, mostly just feeding the pets and watering some plants if they have some. you don’t get paid but you can stay in a cool house for free!

it is an amazing way to get around. i only hitchhiked in new zealand, fiji and australia so far. it is for free and there are so many people hitchhiking. mostly you don’t have to wait long.. i hitchhiked almost my whole way through all of new zealand and i never had a really bad experience. i mostly met amazing people who also wanted to hang out or invited me to stay at their place or even to celebrate christmas together. so many open minded, positive and happy people. crazy ! it was always a new adventure because you never know who picks you up or how long you have to wait. a lot of locals stop and love to show you around and tell you about the places.

as you see now, there are a lot of ways to travel without money!! it only depends on your attitude..
so many people always ask me how i afford to travel so much and if i am rich ! i am totally not..

it’s great to have dreams and plans but also go with the flow and travel with an open mind and dont get frustrated if your plans dont work out. everthing happens for a reason!

i always went from one workaway, wwoofing or housesitting job to the other. i mostly had 1-4 days in between to travel to the next place where i did couchsurfing.

so, it is totally possible to travel with a VERY small budget.

of course i also met so many other people who spend more than 1000 euros per month on their travels.. they buy a car or book the tourist-bus tour around new zealand or australia.. they always sleep in hostels, book all the expensive tourist attractions, eat in restaurants, spend a lot of money on alcohol and cigarettes ..

and thats fine as well but i wouldnt do it like that – because you only meet other travellers, don’t get in touch with the locals, the tourist attractions are too expensive and too crowded and i think it’s a waste of time when i lay in bed the whole day with a hangover because of too much alcohol..

the only thing where you really need money for when you are travelling are the flights but there are also websites like find a cew where you can work on a boat to travel from one place to another so that saves you a lot of money as well and you don’t have to book an expensive flight.

now you know the way how i travel around the world, so if you feel like you want to go travelling – just go for it! IT’S EASY!