celebrating DIWALI in india – CRAZY CITYLIFE

this time we tried a new airline for our flight to india. the airline is called spiceyet and the flight number was SG2. it sounded like a fake-airline and we were both not sure if this airline really exists.

our flight was at 2 am in the morning from sri lanka and it took us only 2 hours until we arrived in chennai, india. i slept the whole flight luckily because normally i can never sleep in planes.

i tried to buy a sim card on the airport in india but everything was closed because it was 5 in the morning and it was diwali, which is a big festival of lights in india and the people celebrate it like we celebrate christmas back home. it is an important day here in india!

i asked the woman at the help desk where i can buy a sim card and she said that they don have a shop here in the airport and outside of the airport the shops are closed so there is no opportunity for me to buy one now. i told her that i need to call a friend because we dont know where we have to go and he should know that we are here.
the free wifi on the airport also only works if you have an indian simcard already so that sucked. she didn’t offer me that i can make a call from her phone or anything.
we went further to the exit of the airport and i saw a nice looking officer in the corner. i asked him if i can make a call from the phone and he gave it to me immediately.

so, we knew where to go and went outside of the airport where it was soo hot and hundreds of people where laying around and sleeping on the ground.
we went to the trainstation to catch a train to our new couchsurfing hosts place. i never saw a train like this in my life. so dirty and there are sections for ladys and for men, but all separate.
when we arrived at the train-station where we were supposed to get out of the train and walk for another 15 minutes until we reached his house we just jumped in a tuktuk because it was way too hot and we were way too tired to walk.

because there was this diwali light festival going on, everyone on the street had those annoying fire-crackers which they threw on the road where everyone is driving, not dangerous at all. i was happy when we arrived at the place because those fire crackers freaked me out and the crazy traffic as well.

we waited in front of the door from the host but it seems like he was not there. after 10 minutes he came running up the steps and told us that he wanted to pick us up from the trainstation but he didnt see us. i dont know where he waited and how many train there are coming and going but i dont think its easy to find someone in a trainstation in india.

he welcomed us in his flat which was a bit messy but i guess that it is everywhere like this in india. he even had an european toilet and not just one of those wholes in the ground and he had toiletpaper. i was very happy about that fact.
he gave us two duvet-cover which we could use as a bed. it was not very comfortable but better than nothing. he had airconditioning which was amazing because it was sooo hot outside. we slept for a bit and when we woke up it was around lunchtime so we ordered some food. we got masala dosa, which is my favourite meal in the world and i haven’t eaten it in a while, i really missed it and here i am, in india, on my first day, eating masala dosa with a local.

after our delicious lunch the three of us jumped on his motorbike and he drove us in the crazy traffic to a mall where i could buy some pants because i only had one long pants to wear. i found two really nice and cheap pants which are very light. it feels so strange to be in a hot country and not wearing shorts.

after we went shopping we drove to the beach in chennai which it is the second-biggest beach in the world. the whole beach is 7 km long. there were so many people on the beach covered in so much clothing. i only know beaches where everyone is sunbathing but this was definitely different here. where we parked the motorbike was an old machine where a man made some sugarcane-juice which was very good. almost everyone was staring at me because i was the only female tourist here. i wore something long but they didn’t stop staring and a few people came to me and shaked my hand to wish me happy diwali day!

we walked to a temple close by after we chilled on the beach for a bit. this temple was magic. so many colours, so beautiful and they had a ceremony when we came where a man with a big jar filled with something to eat walked around and everyone who wants put the hand out to get the holy food. i didn’t put my hand out luckily because the first jar was butter, so everyone got a hand full of plan butter to eat. that was soo weird to see but the next jar was better, it was some sort of porridge.
the energy you feel when you walk around barefoot in the temple is amazing, it was a great experience.

we bought some indian sweets on the way back because on diwali it is tradition that everyone eats sweets. i think i will never lose weight.

the next day we ate masala dosa again for breakfast and our couchsurfing host ankit drove us to a big shopping mall where i thaught that i can buy a sim-card.
i couldn’t believe my eyes when i saw a big H&M sign.. they have an H&M clothing store in india.. i didn’t expect that but when we had a walk through the mall it looked like one of those malls back home, so fancy.
we walked around everywhere in the mall to find a shop where i can buy the sim-card but there was none. we met up with the host after our frustrating shopping tour and had dinner together.

the next day he we walked to the busstation to catch a bus to hosur to meet up with our new workaway host on a farm somewhere near hosur. it was a 8 hours busjourney until we reached hosur. the localbus was cheap and not as bad as we thaught after all those crazy crowded busrides we had in sri lanka. the bus was not crowded at all.

we arrived in hosur at 7 pm and we had to find a place there to buy a simcard that we can contact the workaway host that we are here. there was no wifi around so we walked to a airtel phone shop and told them that we want to buy a simcard. he said to us that we cant buy one because we are not from india. one of the indian guys followed the conversation we had and said that he can help us. he went with us to another airtel shop and then he had to give a fingerprint and another document to them until we were able to get the simcard. it took them around 30 minutes to get the simcard in the phone, so slow. we were thankful that he helped us out and i checked my phone to message the workaway host but there was no respond from him. i messaged him again but he didn’t respond anymore, even if he knew that we were coming from chennai which is pretty far away and he was online on that day.

we didn’t know what to do so we checked booking.com for cheap places to stay. there was no cheap place to stay and the guy who helped us with the simcard wanted that we come with him to go to the police to make a check or something. we didn’t understand him because he couldn’t really speak english. he told him that we wont come with him and he should leave us alone and we walked away. we found a sign which says hotel close by and we walked upstairs to ask the man at the reception if we can stay here tonight. he didn’t understand one word we said. he showed us the room and told us something with police and shaked his head. we had no idea what he means but after half an hour of trying to stay in that room we gave up. we went to the bus station again to catch a bus to bangalore which is a big city one hour away and there are cheap hotels on booking.com. as soon as we went to the bus station again the man came and grabbed kai on his arm to pull him away. i started crying because i thought that people will help us who can speak english and tell us where the bus to bangalore is leaving from. that worked! a lady and a officer came to us and shouted at the guy and showed us the right way. we jumped in the bus and drove to bangalore. unfortunately, the bus driver didn’t understand english at all and the bus didn’t go to the main centre of bangalore so we jumped off as soon as we realised that the bus is going the wrong direction.

we took a tuk tuk to the cheapest hotel we found close to the main station in the centre. on the internet it says that they have wifi there but when we arrived there the man told us that there is no wifi. we really needed wifi to make a new plan what we are doing from now on.

so we just tried to sleep in the most uncomfortable mattress which i have ever paid for. the mattress was hard as a stone and there were people lighting fire crackers in front of our windows the whole time.

in the morning we went to a new couchsurfing host who didn’t live far away from the place where we stayed. i contacted him before we went to bed the night before and he immediately answered after one minute that we can come and stay with him.

we asked a tuk tuk driver to call him and bring us there because my sim card already run out of data. he luckily answered the phone and welcomed us in his nice place.
we got to stay in his room and he slept outside on a small mattress which was very nice from him. he invited us for a really delicious indian lunch and gave us a lot of informations where to go in india. he really helped us out!

we made a completely new plan what we can do from now on and found a farm down south where we can go and help with gardening!

we spent another two nights in bangalore and ate a lot of good indian food such as masala dosa, samosa and mushroom curries. because kai and i are both not a fan of cities we drove with the metro to a huge park and chilled there the whole day.
we found a really nice spot in the big park where we sat down on our yoga mat and just chilled and a few minutes later a officer came and told us that we are not allowed to sit here for no reason. we packed our stuff and looked for another spot to chill. i couldnt believe how strict they are here in india. as soon as we sat down under a tree a group of young girls came to us and stared at me because i was playing the ukulele. they found that really fascinating for some reason that a girl
plays an instrument. i guess in their culture it is not so common.

the next day we finally made our way down south and outside of cities to our next workaway-job a bit outside of mysore.


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