we left the animal-shelter after four days and took a tuk-tuk to kandy because the owner there told us that there is no train going from her place which was in peradeniya.
we went to the counter and wanted to buy the tickets to a place called ella which is in the mountains but the men told me that there is no train from kandy today and we have to go to peradeniya.

i thought that is a joke because we were pretty late already. we bought a trainticket back to peradeniya but the train was 15 minutes late so we tought we already missed the last train to ella. when we arrived in peradeniya i saw the train to ella. the train was 30 minutes delayed on that day which was great for us. we bought a ticket for the second class for 0,50 cent each. it was a 6 hours trainride through the most amazing landscapes.

the windows and door were always open which is amazing because you get the wind inside so it doensn’t get to warm. after a couple of hours the whole train went pretty empty and there was one guy standing in the door and looking to us the whole time. he came to us after a while and said: “you can have fun here, i will let you know if anyone is coming”! that was soo weird. we told him that we don’t want to have “FUN” here. the next hour he was always staring at us the whole time, it was so strange.

there were other three younger guys in the train. they were all around 20 years old and the continuously wanted to talk to us and explain us everything around us which is nice but we listened to music and it was very annoying after a while. then they always wanted that we leave our seat and go with them to the door and look out from there so we thought that they want to steal our stuff. in the end they asked us that we should give them a salary, so typical. of course we didn’t give them one and they were asking us a couple more times until they got off the train.

we arrived around 7 pm in ella and caught a tuk-tuk to our place for the first night called horizon root inn. it was not far away from town and the family only had one room to rent. the room was so nice and the bathroom as well and we got an amazing breakfast with coconut-ginger-pancakes and rottis with sambal and tea and fruits.

the room there was fully booked for the next day so i looked for another cheap place to stay because the room was only 8 euros for two people. i found a campsite where you don’t have to bring tents with you close by. we went there and the place was literally amazing. it was 6 euros per night for a tent, so 3 euros per person.
we had a matress and blankets in the tent and a couch outside, nice teeplantages all around and they even had really fast wifi there.

we spent so much time in the tent, it was such an amazing feeling to be surrounded by beautiful nature and you feel so free in a tent. ella is supposed to be the second most oxygenrich place in the world.

we rented a scooter for 5 euros per day and drove all around ella, took a bath in a beautiful waterfall next to the main road with around 100 locals, climbed up the Little adams peak, visited some temples, ate a lot of rice and curry aaaand rottis of course.

we even extended our stay in ella because we loved the tent so much!!