after we brought my mum and sister to the airport we made our way to a new workaway place in peradeniya.

the owner of the hotel where we stayed the night drove us to the bus-station in town to catch the bus to the new place. after four hours of driving
through beautiful landscapes we finally arrived in peradeniya. i asked a tuk-tuk driver to call the number of the german lady who we were going to work for where he should bring us. it was another 15 minutes tuk tuk ride into the middle of nowhere. she lives up on a steep hill so we had to get out and push the tuk-tuk. it was very exhausting to go up that hill but we arrived shortly after our “hike”.

the owner, called padma, left germany about 36 years ago and moved to sri lanka. she welcomed us and went with us into the house. i couldn’t believe how many dogs there were.

i never saw so many dogs in one place before.

she has around 200 of them and a lot of stray cats as well. it took forever until we arrived in our room because we had to open and close so many gates and watch out that the dogs didn’t run out which was difficult with all our luggage.

the room were we had to stay was not nice. there were two cats living in there and one of them just vomitted on the bed, the bathroom was not nice at all either, the toilet didn’t flush properly and it was so smelly everywhere. we didn’t even got pillows so we used our yogamat as a pillow which was not very good to sleep on. we also had a small puppy living in our room which needed a lot of attention as well.
the puppy was very fat because he always ate the food from the cats as well and drank their milk. it looked like he was rolling instead of walking and it took him a long time until he could stand up because his belly was insanely big. we had two small beds in our room but we only used one because the cats needed the other one but they mostly jumped in our bed as well. every morning she was laying on our belly and didn’t want to move anymore. the two cats were both very lovely pets but they had worms and vommitted a lot.
so, all in all it was very smelly in our room all of the time.

when we wanted to go outside of our room there were 20 other dogs standing in front of the door and waiting to get a pet. there were dogs literally everywhere. they even lived in the kitchen. this woman must really love dogs and cats if she can handle that for so long. the first day when we arrived she had to go to the airport with two dogs because they flew to europe so she came back around midnight and all of the 200 or more dogs started to bark for a while. they literally always bark and it was not so easy to get a lot of sleep while we were there.

our job was mostly just giving all the animal love and attention and walking the dogs. it sounds like a pretty amazing job but it was very exhausting because there were dogs and cats and poo, puke and pee everywhere. you don’t have anywhere were it was quiet and not smelly but the animals were all so friendly and lovely and it was nice to take care of them.

after four days we wanted to move on to the next place because it was very exhausting and gross with all the smells everywhere.

it definitely was an experience which i will never forget in my life and i have a lot of respect for padma that she always stays so calm and does so much for the animals.