kai and i arrived around lunchtime in mackay. after we finally loaded all the truck tires in the trailer we said goodbye to the man who brought us all the way up from noosa.
i got a text-message from our new workaway-host and she let us know that she will be around 3 hours late to pick us up from town so we had to wait for the next couple of hours.
we got dropped of next to a big shopping-hall so we “borrowed” a shopping-wagon to put all our stuff in it because it was a lot that we had to carry.

there was a park close by, it as actually a war memorial next to the council building but it was the best we found and we just chilled there for a while.
we wanted to do yoga when the sun got a bit lower but there were heaps of sandflies so it almost impossible to do yoga because everything was itchy so we decided to go to find a cafe. it took us a while to find a cafe in town which was open but we found one which had delicious vegan ice-cream.
around 5 pm we got picked up from a girl from belgium. she was visiting the family at the workaway-job because she was there as a exchange-student six years ago.

the house were we spent the next week was in the middle of nowhere, a 20 minutes drive away from mackay town.
they have a miniature-animal farm with lots of goats, sheep, chicken, geese, ducks, pigs, alpacas, parrots .. they also have 4 lovely dogs and 2 beautiful cats.

we always fed the animals in the morning, at lunchtime and in the evening. the baby-animals got milk bottles which was always my favourite part of all the feeding-process.
it was so cute to feed everyone seperate with a bottle. they had two geese and one of them always tried to attack us, so weird. i never saw such an aggressive goose before.

one day karen, our workaway-host, had a job on a school event. we started washing all the animals in the morning. every animal got washed seperate and we
put bleeching shampoo and conditioner on them. they looked very very white afterwards. i guess we left the bleeching-shampoo on the animals for a bit too long.
then we put a lot of baby-animals in the trailer and drove one hour until we arrived at the school.

we put up a large fence and let the animals in there. the school event started at 4 pm. heaps of young kids came to pet and feed and brush all the animals.
most of the kids treated them really well. a lot of kids loved the chickens which was strange for me because i thought every other animal would be cuter to them.
especially the alpacas and baby-sheep. at 10 pm we arrived back on the farm. that was such a long day but it was fun to work on an event like this.

the other days we put up an electric-fence to expand the goats feeding grounds and put down an old fence, cut down some firewood, moved the chicken-paddocks, ..

the husband of the lady was hardly at home because he works at a place around two hours away so he only comes home on the weekend.
the two daughter were around 17-19 years old and they were both very nice and fun teenagers.

another older woman stayed there as some sort of workawayer as well but she was very weird and always complaining about everything.
she is around 50 years old and as soon as we went to have a shower or if we switches on the lights somewhere she was complaining about wasting the energy and water.
she also told me that i am never doing anything and we are just using and abusing the recources. no one there liked her because she was an old craaaaazy lady who
took heaps of drugs in her past. she was the one who hardly did anything and funny enough, we always had to do her jobs as well because she was too lazy to do it.

mackay isn’t a touristic place at all so there was nothing really to do for tourists. ash, the daughter, showed us the beach and brought us to two very nice lookouts from where we saw all of mackay. we went there at night and it was very pretty with all the lights.

kai booked his flight from mackay down to brisbane for the 31st of august and i always said that i am going up north to sail around whitsundays on saturday the first of september. so, we thaught that kai flys out on friday night.

on friday morning we checked his ticket again to make sure at what time he had to be at the airport. when we opened the internet-link to his ticket it said that the flight is on the thursday the 31st. we had a shock because we taught that friday is the 31st. we both mixed the dates so he missed his flight
that was very stupid from all of us but in my case it didn’t matter if i was going to sail one day earlier or later.
in his case he lost the money for the flight and he also booked a permaculture-farm-tour for the next day which he missed. such a shame but next time we check the dates 100 times to make sure we got it right.

i booked another ticket for him on friday night so we took him to the airport in the evening.

the workaway-place in mackay was a really cool experience. i love animals and feeding milk-bottles to baby-animals was amazing for me! i loved it there and the whole family was so welcoming and we could mostly cook whatever we felt like it. heaps of healthy food there – heaven!

and working on the school-event where we took care of the animals and watched the kids while they fed and pet the animals was very interesting and cool to see as well.
i learned so much more about animal-care in that week. now i know that i never want to have sooooo many animal because it’s a 24/7 job.. only feeding takes around 3-4 hours a day and you always have to be at home. when the lady drove to events with the animals she always has to stop every two hours to make a break to feed the animals and let them out for a walk which takes two hours.
it’s very timeconsuming to take animals to places and she also has a huge house with garden..
aaand she has two children so all in all she is very very busy. huge respect to her for managing everything so great.