i left byron after staying there for a month. i spent my last couple of days in suffolk, it’s a place close to byron, at a friends place. it was literally just a 5 minutes walk away from the beach – HEAVEN!
i went snorkelling and saw an octopus & a small shark and i also tried to improve my surf skills a couple of times but i dont think i am not getting any better BUT i saw dolphins next to me in the water so that was pretty amazing. i went out to eat my favourite food in byron which is acai-bowls and indian food.

i found a ride on a website called co-seats. it’s a really simple website for finding ride-share offers. i found a guy who went from byron up to noosa for 10 dollars. very cheap because it’s a 4 hours drive. he picked me up and we went in his big company-truck up to noosa but on the way we made around 15 stopps because he had to deliver some expensive pieces art-work. all in all took us 8 hours from byron up to noosa which was pretty long but i got lucky that we made a stop in the gold coast and i could pick my canon-camera up from the repair-shop. 250 dollars for the repair. that didn’t make my day.

i arrived in the evening in coluum. it’s a small town a bit out of noosa. i found a couchsurfing-place there in a really peaceful location. the host lives on top of a hill and the view from the balcony there was just amazing. he took me for a ride around coluum the next day in the morning and we took surfboards with us in the car to go for a little surf. he told me that the surf was not good, almost no waves, but when we went there the waves were not that bad. i didn’t have a legrope on my board so my board always floated back to the beach whenever there was a big wave coming. really exhausting for me 😀 so i decided to just play in the waves without the board after a while of running back and forth to grab the board again when it got washed away in the waves. the couchsurfing host really enjoyed the waves because he hardly goes surfing anymore.

after some hours of beeing in the water we went for a drive to noosa. we walked along the coast in the nationalpark and enjoyed the amazing view! the water was so clear and the trees so green and beautiful. such a nice coastal walkway. we went back to his house in the afternoon and i chilled in the hammock on the balcony and read my book.

the next morning i packed my stuff again and went for a drive in his car because he has a music-instrument-repair business and every friday is his pickup and delivery day.
so we drove around the sunshine coast for around 4 hours. i saw a lot of places & we stopped for lunch at a really beautiful spot on the beach. there are sooo many beaches here in australia and sometimes you are the only one on the beach.

the last stop on his journey was noosa and he brought me to a place where i booked an air BnB for the night because kai, my boyfriend arrived in brisbane on that day and i found a great place a bit outside of noosa, on the sunrise beach, for 25 euros. the family that live in the house were very chill and the spare room they had was seperate from the house. i arrived there around 3 pm and waited 2 hours until kai arrived by bus. normally it doesn’t take so long when you drive from brisbane up to noosa by car but with the bus full of tourists it took around 2,5 hours. it was sooo nice to see him again after 1,5 months. we went to the beach and brought a blanket & enjoyed the sunset there. then we went back and had a talk to the family and cooked our first meal together which was really fancy 😀 purple sweet-potato with smashed avocado. the oven didn’t really work well, we baked the sweetpotato for around 1 hour but the oven was not even hot.
so we took it out of the oven and put it in the micro-wave for 10 minutes and the fire alarm went on. very good chefs 😀 after 1,5 hours the sweetpotato were still not cooked but we were so hungry that we ate it anyways. so delicious. we had overripe acovado which was brown with uncooked sweetpotato, delicious 😀

on the next day we made our way to town because we planned on hitchhiking up to agnes water which is around 5 hours drive away. i didn’t know how much luggage kai had because he has two big backpacks & a huge surfboard bag. i don’t even know how he can carry everything together but anyways: i realised that hitchhiking is not going to work with two people and so much luggage. we decided to stay in noosa and look for a workaway job here.
we didn’t find a couchsurfing host or air BnB for the night because everything was already fully booked so we ended up in the only hostel in town which was not full.
they only had two beds and a dorm room available so we had to sleep in a dorm room 😀 havent done that in a year.

the hostel was old and the room looked like a prison but we only stayed there for a night so it was alright. in the morning we walked into town which took us one hour.
we stopped on the way at the farmers market and had a look around. we tried lots of stuff and bought avocado, peanutbutter, …

then we had lunch at a cafe in town and i ordered acai-bowl. i am so addicted to it, so yummi! after that i wrote a lot of hosts on workaway if they need help now.
but noone replied fast. one couchsurfing host replied saying that we could come and stay at his place so we met up with him and we drove to his place close to town where he lives.
he had a boat and a huge house for himself. he never had a serious job in his life, he only makes money with bitcoins. crazy lifestyle but he doesn’t care about wasting stuff and he only thinks that money makes him happy. a bit sad..

we had our own room luckily and he taught me how to skateboard down a ramp because he has a small skate-ramp in his garage. i never taught that i was able to do that because i never really stood on a skateboard before. then we went to town and took another walk at the nationalpark.
the next day it was kai’s birthday, so we went to the beach and he went for a surf. the waves were huge in my opinion and really wild. in byron they were always small and looked nice to surf but those looked like we had a storm. anyway, he is great at surfing – he grew up with it – so he survived 😀

i played in the waves really close to the beach on a body-board which i borrowed form the couchsurfing host. after that we went back & chilled outside in the grass and played ukulele. in the evening we cooked dinner & i organised a ride up the coast the next day to rockhampton and i also found a couchsurfing place there for us because
nobody on workaway replied in noosa so i sent requests for places around airlie beach and mackay which are up the coast. a family replied that we can come and work at theire place because they have a miniature-zoo back home and they need someone who takes care of their pets. sounded like the best job ever!!

the ride from noosa up to rockhampton was leaving at 6:30 am which was a bit early and he drives a huge truck with 2 trailers so we had to meet him on the highway which was a 20 minutes drive away.
a guy from germany appeared in the couchsurfing place when we cooked dinner and he stayed there for the night as well. we shared our dinner with him & he offered us to bring us to the highway the next day in the morning.

we met up at 6:30 am in the morning with the guy who was taking us up to rockhampton. the drive didn’t feel too long because it was fun.
we arrived in rockhampton around 3:30 pm and he brought us straight to our couchsurfing place. the place where we stayed for a night was really sweet. the host drove up to a nationalpark with us and we watched an amazing sunset from the top of the hill with an amazing view. then we went back to the house and cooked his favourite dish because it was his birthday. crazy that he hosted us on his birthday. we went to bed early because we had to get up at 4 am for our ride up to mackay where the workaway Job was. the same driver as the day before picked us up and brought us all the way up which was another 4 hours drive. he works for a company where he picks up used tires, puts them in the trailers and
brings them to another place where they get recycled. he had to pick up around 1800 tires in mackay and we helped him with it. i couldn’t lift the huge tires but i could help them with rolling the tires to them.

normally the ride up north from rockhampton would have been around 50 dollars or more with the ride share website but in this case we got it for free because we helped him with his work.

we arrived in macaky around lunchtime and had to wait 5 hours until we got picked up from our new workaway-host.
we chilled in a small park or it was actually just a war Memorial next to the council building 😀 we tried to do some yoga there but there were heaps of sandflies and it got so annoying that we walked with all our luggage to an ice-cream shop and chilled there. we saw a man on his bycicle who got attacked by a bird, that looked crazy but the couchsurfing host in rockhampton told us about that type of bird before. there is a season here in mackay where the birds attack people 😀 we got picked up by the host and arrived at our home for the next week, which we share with 27 goats 30 chickens 11 pigs 5 Dogs 4 alpacas 3 parrots 2 gees and 1 bearded dragon 🙂