when i first started to earn money i was around 15 years old. i bought so much stuff which i didn’t need at all. i went shopping almost every day to buy new clothes. so many people i know focus on materialistic things.. they are only happy when they are nicely dressed and when they bought the newest i-phone, car and all that stuff. but once you have that you are not so happy anymore because you always want more and the market never sleeps, there is always a new phone or a new car and new fancy clothes that you can buy.

when i started my travels in december 2015 i went to a few countries in south-east-asia. i saw so many homeless people, street dogs and cats which made me feel really sad.

when i was in indonesia on the gili-islands there were people who rented their bungalow for a few euros to us – tourists – and they slept on the street in some sort of a bamboo-tent. but they didn’t care – they were just happy..

the last months i got really lucky because i got the opportunity to work and live on a local village in fiji. those months tought me a lot about life..
fijian’s are just wonderful people, they always share, live basic and are open to share their homes with travellers from all over the world. every time i walked along the road people invited me for a cup of tea and cookies or for staying at their place. the kids in the village play with stones and coconuts and everyone is running around without shoes, nobody is stressed about something, nothing is on time, they only eat what grows in their garden – no worries (sega na lega).

the longer i travelled in those countries, the more i found out that people who have less money are happier and love to share because they are grateful which most of the rich people are not. rich people mostly just want more. always the newest stuff and most of them don’t like to share.
but what for ?? does all that materialistic stuff really makes you happy ? i don’t think so!

i realized what i really want in my life and what i need to be happy when i started to travel.
i mean, i only have a backpack with me now and i have everything i need – and even more!

when you only have a backpack you have to live minimalistic. i found out that i don’t need so much clothes, so much make-up, so many shoes, so much of everything, …

– true happiness ? what do i need to be happy:

all that matters in life for me now is to live in the present; don’t think too much about the future and don’t think about the past anymore.

always move forward and don’t regret anything because everything happens for a reason.

– everyone has bad days but we should just focus on the little good things in life and be grateful.

– all that matters is having good people around you, follow your dreams and your passion & stay healthy.

.. i feel the best when i am in nature. i am not a city person at all. i can’t handle traffic and too many people in one place. i love everything in the ocean. going swimming, snorkelling, surfing, .. i feel so alive when i am close to the beach!
i love to go for long walks and watch the sunrise or sunset! i love the feeling i get when i am sitting at a bonfire. i love to meet interesting people and have long conversations about what matters in life. i love to listen to music, it makes everything so much better! i love to write things down, make gratitude-lists, i love to do yoga outside, i like to cook healthy vegan food. i like to help people and share great moments with them..

i don’t care about having fancy clothes, make-up, lots of expensive things. i like to keep my life as simple and uncomplicated as possible! i don’t like people who think they can buy everything with money.. i don’t like superficial and negative people.

i like people who think big and fail a couple of times – but at least they try and it can only work when you try over and over again!

the best thing you can do is to do what you love and be grateful and mindful. don’t let other people stop you from following your dreams because you are the most important person in your life!