in the end of july, frank, my new workaway-host, picked me up from the farm where i stayed in bangalow. we drove around 10 minutes until we reached the new place in coorabell, called paradise one. it literally looks like a paradise!

the driveway alone is 3 km long and it’s just so peaceful and beautiful here. i got my own room with a queensize-bed, a hammock on the balcony, a huge mirror, a own bathroom for myself. i couldn’t believe how fancy the room is!
i was so happy that i had a room to myself because i normally had to share one or i just slept in the

the whole property looks like a resort. it’s a huge permaculture organic hippie-community and there are around 20 people living. there is a outside-yoga-place, a greek to swim, a pool, table tennis, lots of crafts, lots of music instruments, a big farm, .. and the best one: there is a treehouse! it has two floors and it’s such a
magical place to hang out & its the perfect spot to practise how to play the ukulele because noone can hear it 😀

i got back into a healthy routine again during my stay there which is amazing. i got up at 7 am and went for a run up the hill. then we mostly did some gardening until lunchtime. after lunch we had another activity like to cook something special, or do something on the farm. after that i did sunset-yoga and the food we got all the time was soo healthy. everything was vegetarian/vegan. almost all the ingredients came from the garden. i never saw such a huge choice of fruits and vegetables before. i didn’t know half of the food we got here but everything tasted so delicious and looked just amazing! i can’t believe how lucky i got with the food there.

we were a big group of 10 other workawayer and then the people who stay there permanently. it was a lot of food that someone had to cook all the time & a lot of dishes that we had to wash. it took soo long after every meal.

we mostly started work around 9 am. we work for 3-4 hours and then we all had lunch together. after lunch it took another hour to clean everything again and around 3 pm we started again with another activity. after that i did my sunset-yoga before it got dark.

in every other place i have been so far i had time after work to explore the area but in this case i couldn’t do anything after “work” because there was something going on all the time. noone of the people here went away, everyone stayed at the place all the time which was definitely new for me because i am used to explore the area and go to the beach and meet up with other people, especially when it’s a workaway job which means that i don’t get paid. it’s only for free food and

on the first weekend we hostet a gig. we had a lot of work to make the place ready for the event and around 5 around 80 people came to watch the bands and enjoy the dinner and tea.

everyone came with a coconut-water bottle, which was definitely new for me when you go to a party. there were people who got drunk as well but most of them didn’t drink alcohol which was really nice.

the workaway-host had a lot of work to cook for all the people. i can’t believe how calm he was all the time, it must have been so stressful with the food and the organisation.

the bands were mostly reggae and alternative and really chill. so many people were dancing and we joined. it’s a different kind of dance as i am used to. in the club everyone was dancing with someone or in a group but here everyone did their own thing. mostly dance-moves which looked a bit like a monkey or something. really funny to watch sometimes.

all of us workawayer enjoyed the music and we joined the dancing which was fun!

on sunday we had the day off and i was so happy about it because i felt a bit like in a prison. staying in the middle of nowhere and working the whole day just for food and the room is not really what i want. if i want to work the whole day i would look for a job where they pay me.

i got up early on sunday, cleaned the whole lounge a bit because there were cups from the party everywhere and after that i got picked up from a friend.
we drove to byron and had a look around where the best spot with waves is because on that day were not really big waves.

we found a good one where there was nobody else and i finally went surfing the first time since i am here in australia! jai, a guy who i met on couchsurfing had a spare surfboard and a wetsuit which was really cool and he taught me how to surf. he pushed me in a view waves and it was really fun because i did quite good this time and was able to stand up and surf the wave. i was so happy!

normally i always surfed the already broken waves but this time we surfed the unbroken waves which was new & cool.

after the surf we drove to a beach outside of town, called broken head. it was a small hike to go there and it was really amazing. there was a cliff where you can climb down with your surfboard and then there is the best location for surfer who already know how to surf because there are rocks and big waves so it can be a bit dangerous for beginners i would say.

then we drove back into town and grabbed some lunch. we went to a cafe called “COMBI” which is a healthy & mostly vegan/vegetarian place. all the food and smoothies they made looked just delicious. it was hard to decide what i wanted but i saw a peanutbutter-acai-bowl on their menu which sounded amazing. and it was literally heaven. they decorated it so nice and served it in a wooden bowl. they put banana, cacao-nibs, coconut-flakes, pistaccio & berries on top of the peanutbutter and acai. so good!!

after we had the amazing lunch we drove to a beach called wategos. it’s a small beach close to the lighthouse. i chilled there for a while before we drove back to my workaway-place.

jai picked me up on monday morning to take me for a lighthouse run/walk. we parked the car somewhere close to a place called “the pass” and had a fast walk/run up to the lighthouse. it’s so pretty when the sun is rising. it took us around one hour to go up and down to the carpark again. i went back to the workaway place around 8 am. we started work at 9 am and did a lot of weeding. after lunch we cleaned up the whole living area and balcony because it was still messy from the party.

on tuesday morning i went for a lighthouse run again and this time we saw a lot of whales, so cool!

then we started to work again around 9 am and we helped cleaning up in the garden for a big party they prepared for one of the men who lives there. we saw a lot of huntsman spiders everywhere, so scary for me 😀

at 4 pm we did a yoga session because two of the other workawayers were yoga-instructors. we found a great spot for sunset yoga on top of the hill in the property.

on wednesday we did gardening again – weeding, planting, mulching, ..
in the afternoon we made some dreamcatcher and i told the workaway host that i want to leave because it was not was i expected. i don’t want to work for 8 hours a day just for free food and accommodation and he didnt even appreciated all the help he gets with so many workawyers. he never asked any questions about our life and he didn’t even say good morning or good night to us. when we talked while we did weeding he came to us and told us that we should work and don’t make a break because we don’t have to be here if we don’t want and we can always go.. the attitude of the people who live there was really bad i found. they made us work the whole day and even one day on the weekend as well. normally you work 4 hours a day and 5 days a week so that you have a lot of time to explore the area around as well. i didn’t like it there so i told him that i will leave the next day.

we met up on my last day there at 7:30 am for a sunrise-yogas-session which was pretty cold, but really nice as well because the teacher was great. then i helped the guy to prepare stuff for his birthday party on the weekend, we built a tent which was a lot of work.

then i had my last lunch there, we had japanese food which was really good. after lunch, frank, the host drove me and two other workawayers to town. one girl had to go to the doctor because her ears hurted and the other girl said that she needs to go to the post office to get a letter for her next job. we had a walk around in town and went to the cafe “combi” again to have some cake. i had a beetroot-brownie which was delicious. after that we went to the beach.

i felt soo good that day because i knew that i don’t have to go back to the farm. it really felt like a prison there for me.

jai picked me up from the visitor centre where i put all my luggage before and had to pay 5 dollars for it.
we drove to his parents house and stayed there for a night. his parents just returned from their travels around australia and they are really cool. they hitchhiked all around europe years ago and had fun stories to tell. jai was moving out the next day because he only took care of the house while his parents were gone on holiday.

we went for a lighthouse run again in the morning. it’s the best way to start the day & after that he went to work and i hitchhiked to town. the hitch was easy. i had to wait 10 seconds until a lady picked me up and gave me a lift into town.

i walked around for a couple of hours in byron and asked in so many cafes if they need help because i am looking for a job. nobody needed help and if they need help then only with the working holiday visa (which i don’t have because i am from austria and we don’t have to opportunity to get it). nobody wants to pay cash.. so, that was not so successful but at least i tried.

after that i hitched to the industrial estate where i visited the couchsurfing host where i stayed when i first arrived in byron. i had a nice talk with him and then i went to the beach and chilled there for a while before i met up with jai again and we drove to his new flat in suffolk park. it’s a great area around 5-10 minutes drive from byron. i met his housemate who is really chill and cool as well. we went to an indian restaurant to have dinner. then we watched a movie and went to bed.

the next day i had a walk around in suffolk park to have a look at some garage sales but i didn’t buy anything. luckily, because i have absolutely no space anymore in my backpack. now that i have a sleeping bag, a yoga mat and a ukulele it looks very crowded on the outside of my backpack. then i went to town and waited for a lady to pick me up to take me to my next job in a place called federal.