shilo, the work-away host from the farm in bangalow picked me up from byron. his farm is around 15 minutes drive to byron town.

there are around 8 people living on the farm. everyone has their own small caravan. we have a shared kitchen and bathroom.

there is a pizza oven and a slackline, a bonfire-place, a lot of ducks and chickens.. a lot of art and paintings everywhere. it’s such a a chill and cool place to live!

the two owners are both around 30-35 years old and pretty chill. it’s always fun with them.
we had some dinner together after i arrived at my new workaway place and because it’s winter here in australia it gets freezing cold at night (around 10 degrees) – so i went
in my caravan to put some warmer stuff on. during the day you only need to wear a shirt and shorts and thats fine but after sunset which is at 5 pm it gets really cold. when i opened the door of the caravan i saw a huntsman spider above my bed.. it was such a shock for me!! i never saw a huntsman spider before. they are harmless but huge and they look so scary. we tried to catch it but it went wrong and the spider disappeared somewhere in my caravan. it was not funny for me ..
i was happy that the caravan was big and there were two other small beds in the other corner as well so i moved my stuff there and hoped that the spider wouldn’t go there.

the next morning we drove to byron bay town after breakfast to pick kevin, a friend from new zealand, up. he came over to australia for a short visit when he had his school-break. then we drove back to the farm and we both had a look around because i only saw everything when it was already dark.

we did a lot of weeding that day with the other three workawayers who were there as well. one girl from germany, a guy from swiss & one guy from japan. they are all lovely people.

we worked from 8-12 am.. then we cooked some lunch. they have all the stuff i need here. oats, dried fruits, bananas, apples, almond-milk, spices, rice, lentils, chick peas,
beans, peanutbutter, .. i am in heaven when it comes to food here!

then we had a walk into bangalow which is a small town.. nothing really interesting there. we thought we’d give hitchhiking a go and went to byron. we had a walk around there and then we chilled at the beach and did some yoga there. sunset is always pretty early so it got dark around 5:30 pm as well. we were still in town and had to hitchhike back which makes it difficult when it’s dark and there are no streetlights. we went to a petrol station and asked around. a guy said he can bring us to bangalow even if it was not on his way home. it was so nice!

the next day we rennovated our caravan because the owner also wants to put it on air BnB. everything which was in there was really basic and simple so we made some curtains and beds. it took a while and after work we just chilled at the farm, practiced some slacklining which is pretty cool and after that we all played card games. then we watched a youtube video how to make a dreamcatcher and followed step by step and made our own dreamcatcher which turned out to be really nice!

the day after we still had to rennovate the caravan. after lunch we could borrow a car from them because they had two and they didn’t use one of them.
we drove to byron town which was really busy, had a stroll around, visited some secondhand-shops, walked along the beach and did the hike up to the lighthouse which took about one hour from town.

we didn’t see dolphins or whales this time but we could watch the sunset from there which was pretty awesome as well!

the next day we took the car again and drove to some waterfalls, called minyon falls. i drove the car there which was pretty exciting for me because it was an old car and it had only manual gears. i am used to changing gears with the right hand but here you drive on the other side of the road so you have to change gear with the left hand. it was fun &
we survived the drive. the waterfalls were nice but it was only a lookout, not an hike to go there.

then we drove to a town called mulumbimby. it’s a small hippietown with a lot of healthy organic shops and cafes. it’s like byron but not so crowded and not on the beach.
i found a pair of running-shoes for 5 AUD in a secondhand-shop and i bought an ukulele for 35 AUD in a music-shop. i was sooo happy that i finally found a cheap ukulele.

after it we drove to another town which was on the beach, called brunswick. it looked a bit like a hippie-place as well with nice restaurants and vintage-shops.
we walked to the beach and watched some surfers in the water. the waves around there are pretty good for beginners.

then we drove back to the farm, unpacked my ukulele and learned how to play it. i learned my first song: riptide. it’s sooo nice to play!! i am so happy about it.

the next day we started work again around 8 am and this time we harvested some ginger and tumeric in the field. it was really interesting to see and i was happy that i learned something new about farming.

after work we drove up to the gold coast. it was around 1,5 hours drive and we drove there because they have an shop where they can repair my canon-camera. i gave it to them and i really hope they can fix it. they said it should be done in around 2-3 weeks.

then we went to a place called surfers paradise. the beach where all the surfers go is just next to big big buildings and the city. it is very touristic there.
mcdonalds and kfc everywhere, definitely different than it is in byron – no healthy organic shops.

i managed to transfer all the money i got in cash (from the job i did in fiji) to my bank-account which is amazing because i didn’t want to walk around with so much cash all the time.

then we drove back and had some more ukulele-lessons. i am surprised how fast it is possible to learn how to play.

we had saturday and sunday off and the big splendour in the grass festival was on.. jai, a guy from couchsurfing asked me if i want to hangout or get shown around in the area and i told him that kevin (a friend from new zealand) and i try to sneak in at the festival so maybe i can hang out with him another time.
the couchsurfing guy then said that he managed to get two tickets for us for splendour, not just normal tickets: VIP tickets.

i thought that he got it for free because he has some connections but he paid around $250 for each wristband. CRAZY, i felt a bit bad because i didn’t want that he spend so much money on me, and he didn’t even know me before..

but good thing was that there was another guy who did a workaway job at the same farm who wanted to try to sneak in at splendour as well so kevin and the other workawayer went there and tried to sneak in, which was successful! they even got in backstage.

jai picked me up and we drove to his friends place where they had some drinks. then we took an uber taxi to the festival and i never saw so many people in one place before. it is the biggest or the second biggest festival in australia and it is really popular and the tickets are sold out after an hour.

crazy that i got a free ticket!! so lucky. the friends of jai were really nice and fun.. we had a walk around at the festival and then i found kevin and the other guy from swiss. we listened to a few nice bands and it got freezing cold around 7 pm.. i went there around 2 pm and we stayed until 1 am because there was a band playing called queens and the stone age which kevin really wanted to see. so we had no other choice, kind of. i couldn’t feel my toes and fingers anymore.

it was probably around 8 degrees there. if i would have known that this band was a hardrock kind of band i wouldn’t stayed there and for sure not in the first rows.
everyone was wasted and just jumping around and making the death circle. it was crazy to see and not so much fun for me. it was like a different world.
i don’t like listen to hardrock at all. we finally went back to the car at 1 am – SLOWLY, because everyone left at this time so it took forever to go to the car.
i was so happy to be back in the bed but we didn’t put the heater on before we go to bed this time so it was just freezing cold in the caravan as well.

the next day we went again to the festival. kevin asked people who came out of the festival if they don’t need their ticket anymore and he got one for free.

the main reason why i wanted to go to the festival was because i wanted to see amy shark playing. we had a perfect timing because when we arrived there she was just about to start. she is soo good and her voice sounds the same on the radio as in live.

after amy shark we listened to another band who were crazy. it was an alternative band and i really don’t want to know what kind of drugs the singer took. 😀

the weather at the festival during those days was just perfect, three days of sunshine! it looked like it was a competition between the girls who looks the fanciest (or sluttiest). everyone put so much make-up on and had nice hairstyles. glitter all over their body and the “perfect” crazy outfit. and everyone wore a denim-jacket and a lot of girls wore a bra and a transparent-shirt over it. i think it’s the trend there because i could see the bra of almost every girl there 😀

the festival was pretty successful and we didn’t have to pay at all. other people paid $1000 for it. the ticket is around $500 and the parking is $60 per day. food and drinks are not cheap there at all but they had a lot of great food and a lot of small shops where you can buy some expensive vintage clothes.

we walked out of the festival around 4 pm and as soon as we came out of the exit two girls came to us and asked us if we can give them our wristbands.
it’s such a good way to go for free to the festival on sunday. it’s the last day anyways.

then we hitchhiked back from the carpark of the festival to the carpark where we parked the car which was around 3 km away. a lady from byron stopped and gave us a lift and she told us that she only bought a dayticket for 170 dollars but she went out at 4 pm before the really famous bands even started because surfing at this day was so nice. she must be really into surfing if she prefers the surfing than the festival which is expensive and only once a year.

on monday morning we washed the ginger and tumeric we harvested the day before. it takes so much more time than we expected. but we could chill on the balcony in the sun and listen to music while we washed the ginger and tumeric, so that was kind of nice!

after work we went for a drive to the protects falls. on the internet it says that it’s a one or two hours hike. we went there and after 10 minutes we reached the waterfalls. those are pretty nice and it would have been cool if it was summer so we could have actually gone for a swim.

on the way back we stopped at a small hippie town called nimbin. it’s pretty tiny and everything there is colourful. it’s THE PLACE to go to if you want to buy some weed. old ladies on the street asked us if we want to buy some magic cookies. that’s completely normal there.

on tuesday we did the same job as the day before: cleaning tumeric & ginger. after work we went for a kayaking trip. the host from the farm sometimes works
for a kayaking company in byron and he managed to give us a discount, even if he couldn’t come with us. he was still destroyed from the festival, haha.

normally i am not a fan of booking a tour but in this case i prefered it because it’s australia and it can be dangerous if you are alone in the water. we were a big group of 26 people. i took a kayak with kevin and on the way out there were some waves that we had to paddle straight through.
the waves were mostly not that big but our timing was really bad and a big waves just crushed over my face and we fall out. it was pretty cold in the water, even with a long wetsuit.

the coolest thing was that we could even see some dolphins swimming in the wave when we were just about to go in the water. they come really close here in australia.

we kayaked out and along the coast and we saw a lot of small dolphins swimming around us. it was so cool!

when we reached a point where we were supposed to turn around and paddle back the guides told us that they saw a whale but it’s moving the other direction.
we waited for a bit and suddenly the whales turned around and swam in our direction. they came soo close, maybe 5-10 metres away.
i felt pretty small in the kayak when the big whale who was around 8 m was swimming next to us but it was such an amazing experience!!

the next day i dropped kevin off in town because he had to fly back to new zealand to continue his studies. i felt pretty confident driving in the manual car on the other side of the road which was great. back at the farm i helped a bit with the gardening & then i cleaned the caravan, packed my stuff, practiced some slacklining before i got picked up from my workaway-host from my next place.

i got so lucky that i got the job on the ginger and tumeric farm because it’s like the kind of place where i could see myself living in. those small cute caravans everywhere, outside-kitchen, slacklining, bonfireplace, huge garden, lot of art and paintings everywhere! the atmosphere there was really chill and i felt so welcome.