Month: August 2017

NOOSA & travelling up the coast for free to mackay – queensland

i left byron after staying there for a month. i spent my last couple of days in suffolk, it’s a place close to byron, at a friends place. it was literally just a 5 minutes walk away from the beach – HEAVEN!
i went snorkelling and saw an octopus & a small shark and i also tried to improve my surf skills a couple of times but i dont think i am not getting any better BUT i saw dolphins next to me in the water so that was pretty amazing. i went out to eat my favourite food in byron which is acai-bowls and indian food. Continue reading

what do we need to be happy ?!

when i first started to earn money i was around 15 years old. i bought so much stuff which i didn’t need at all. i went shopping almost every day to buy new clothes. so many people i know focus on materialistic things.. they are only happy when they are nicely dressed and when they bought the newest i-phone, car and all that stuff. but once you have that you are not so happy anymore because you always want more and the market never sleeps, there is always a new phone or a new car and new fancy clothes that you can buy.

when i started my travels in december 2015 i went to a few countries in south-east-asia. i saw so many homeless people, street dogs and cats which made me feel really sad. Continue reading

farmstay in a HIPPIE-COMMUNITY – a paradise (more or less)

in the end of july, frank, my new workaway-host, picked me up from the farm where i stayed in bangalow. we drove around 10 minutes until we reached the new place in coorabell, called paradise one. it literally looks like a paradise!

the driveway alone is 3 km long and it’s just so peaceful and beautiful here. i got my own room with a queensize-bed, a hammock on the balcony, a huge mirror, a own bathroom for myself. i couldn’t believe how fancy the room is!
i was so happy that i had a room to myself because i normally had to share one or i just slept in the
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kayaking with whales & living in a caravan with a huntsman spider

shilo, the work-away host from the farm in bangalow picked me up from byron. his farm is around 15 minutes drive to byron town.

there are around 8 people living on the farm. everyone has their own small caravan. we have a shared kitchen and bathroom.

there is a pizza oven and a slackline, a bonfire-place, a lot of ducks and chickens.. a lot of art and paintings everywhere. it’s such a a chill and cool place to live!
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