i arrived at 7 am in byron and all the cafes where still closed. i went to the beach and watched the sunrise and a view people bicycling on the street with the surfboards in their arms.

then i went to a cafe and grabbed a chai-latte. unfortunately they didn’t have wifi there and i couldn’t write my couchsurfing host in byron bay that i am here and he can pick me up anytime. there was another customer in the cafe and i asked him if he knows where there is a place with wifi here. he gave me his phone to contact my host and he said he can bring me to his place because it’s close to his work, so nice.

he brought me there, even carried my luggage to my new couchsurfing place, which is amazing. it’s a showroom with a lot of vintage furniture. it looks so fancy and the host is really relaxed and chill. we had a lot
of talks about topics like yoga and meditation and mindfullness.

on my first day there i explored the area around a bit. i went to the supermarket where i found out that they have a huge range of healthy products here.
it’s so easy to eat healthy but also really expensive. i had a walk to the beach & did some sunset yoga there. it was really nice because i was almost alone there.

the next day lucio, the guy from italy i met the first day in the morning when i arrived in byron, picked me up and showed me around in the area. we went to a few secondhandshops where they had the nicest stuff and every saturday there are heaps of garage sales everywhere. i found so many cool things for really cheap and the people were
all so chill as well. then we grabbed some indian food to take-away and drove to the lighthouse. we sat down and enjoyed the food in the sun.

the lighthouse in byron is the most eastern point you can go to in australia. on the way back to the carpark we stopped at a lookout and five seconds later i saw three dolphins. another five seconds later a saw a big black thing in the water – it was a huge whale! he swam so slow and gentle, it was so impressive to watch.
i couldn’t believe that i saw dolphins and a whale. normally you don’t see them when you go there. only if you are really lucky! i guess we are just lucky people.

then he drove me back to the couchsurfing place and i took the bicycle and went to the beach to do some sunset-yoga. after that i cooked with kincade, my couchsurfing host.
i never met someone before who eats so healthy. most of the stuff in his fridge i had never seen before. so much organic powder, etc. crazy
we roasted some kumara & pumpkin in coconut-oil, it was sooo delicious and so simple!!

the next day a guy who lives in byron bay as well, who is a couchsurfing host but couldn’t host me, picked me up in the morning and we drove to kingscliff. it’s a small town half an hour away from byron. they had a big event going on the whole weekend. it was a boat rescue competition and really interesting to watch.
it was busy there and there were a lot of different teams who did the competition.

they went out with the rescue boat, then they had to pick someone up in the water and then drive back. it looked so funny when the boats were crushing over the waves. it was really cool to watch a competition were boys and girls are in the same team. we had a walk around in town and had acai bowl for lunch.
you can get those fancy and expensive acai bowls everywhere in and around byron. it’s kind of a healthy trend i would say but it’s delicious. kind of a smoothie or ice-cream with muesli.

after lunch he brought me back to my comfortable place in byron. i did sunset-yoga again and then i packed my stuff because i got picked up from the people i did a work-away job for.

the good thing is that the workaway job is only 15 minutes drive away from byron so i will have a lot of time to go into town an enjoy the nice surfer-vibe!