i flew with jetstar from fiji to sydney. jetstar is one of those cheap airlines where you dont get food or drinks on the flight. it was a four hour flight and i always ordered a cup of water because it is free. if you buy a small bottle of water it is around 5 dollars, crazy expensive. by the end of the flight all the flight attendants knew me because i ordered so many cups of water during the flight 😀

i arrived in sydney around 7 pm and it was only 13 degrees outside. i stepped into the plane in fiji with shorts because it was so hot there but when i left the airport in sydney i was freezing. everyone is wearing winterjackets, scarves and warm shoes here because it’s winter right know.. i was definitely not prepared for this kind of weather.

it didnt take long to get my luggage and visa stamp at the airport. i even had spices, pepperspray and food with me but they didn’t check my bag.

i got an opal card
(a card for the public transport here) and i put money on it because i had to find the place where i did couchsurfing in kiribili. it’s right on the other side of the harbour bridge.

it took me half an hour from the airport to the milsons point station where my couchsurfing host danny waited for me.

his amazing flat was close by and it was really fancy. i had such a comfortable couch to sleep on & from the couch i could see the harbour bridge and the opera house. such an incredible view! i couldnt believe that a place like this is for free. so beautiful!

the next day in the morning i met up with other 4 people from the couchsurfing app. earlier i had asked a guy if he can host me on couchsurfing but he didnt have space in his flat at the moment so he offered me a free tour to the blue mountains
because he is a tour guide there.

i asked him if he makes a tour a that day and he said yes. dan, a guy who worked as a gametester in yasawa as well, was in sydney as well on that day so we planned to go together to the blue mountains.

we were four 5 people in the car, one guy from the states, one from the netherlands, the tourguide peter, and dan, the guy from england and me.
everyone was really cool and fun and it took one and a half hours to drive from sydney to the blue mountains national park. it was cold in sydney that day but in the mountains it was even colder. it was around 7 degrees but we got lucky that the sun was out.

we met up with four other friends of the tourguide who joined as well.. so we were 9 people in total.

we did a hike called national pass which took us around three hours and it was really pretty! amazing views & a lot of steep stairs to walk.
i was definitely not used to hiking anymore after fiji.

after the hike we drove to some other view points where we took pictures and enjoyed the amazing views.

then we drove to a town called katoomba. we had lunch there and i bought a poncho there because i definitely needed something warm to wear. the poncho was cheap in the secondhand-shop and it’s so handy because i can use it as a blanket, big scarf or as a jacket. so good to have when you are travelling!

we enjoyed the sunset which is around 4:45 pm here in sydney. it gets dark and cold really early as well
after the sun sets.

i arrived back at my couchsurfing place in the evening and we watched a movie and had good chats.

on the next day i had a walk through the city, i walked over the harbour bridge and went close to the opera house.
for lunch i met up with the peter the tourguide and with the guy from the states. he showed us around in a place called
newtown and we went to a restaurant called lentils as anything. it’s a vegan restaurant where you have four different dishes to choose and you get dessert and chai latte as well. when you’ve finished with the food you can give as much money as you want in a box. it’s so cool because if you dont have a lot of money its okay to give only a bit. the workers there are so friendly and all are volunteers. i had an indian curry and chai latte and a pudding as dessert, it was soo delicious!
i am so impressed that they have that kind of restaurant here. especially because everything was vegan there.

after lunch we walked around a bit and had a look in a few secondhand-shops and some other cool shops.
then we went to a fancy ice-cream place which should be the best ice-cream in the world. they had really special flavours
of ice-cream. i had salted caramel and blueberry cheesecake. maybe not the most special ones there but i felt like it.

i went back in the evening because i just felt like chilling inside and wrapping in a big blanket because from all
the walking around i couldnt feel my toes anymore. i am not used to that kind of weather anymore, i am definitely a summer person.

on the 13th of july i had my last day in sydney before i caught the bus up to byron bay.
i met up with a swiss guy on the couchsurfing app and we took the ferry to manly beach together. we had a walk along the beach, which was really nice, especially because the sun was shining the whole time. after it we took the ferry back and then the train to newtown. we had lunch at the same vegan restaurant as the day before. it’s so amazing there. this time i had a falafel & hummus-plate with rotis and banana-caramel-pudding for dessert. heaven!

then i went back to the flat, packed my stuff and took the train to central station where i caught the bus at 6 pm. it was a 13 hours ride up to byron bay & i was really happy to leave sydney because i am just not a city-person.

too much traffic & too many people – it’s not a relaxing combination but it was nice that i saw a bit of sydney. it was definitely a shock after staying in the village in fiji for so long.