some facts about the culture and the life here in fiji:

fijitime: no one is in a hurry and everything takes forever
– in some villages the women are not allowed to have long hair
– in some places you are not allowed to wear a hat
– you should not touch the head of a child, it’s not respectful and really rude
– mostly the people don’t say yes. they raise their eyebrows instead, it’s really funny to watch
– sharing is caring here
– they love to eat kasawa because it’s really easy to grow and fast but it’s really dry and the locals eat it plain all day long

– papaya is call pawpaw in fiji and you can find it everywhere, it’s delicious
– the houses in fiji are just small cottages and it’s hard to get privacy there because most of them have no doors
– you should cover your shoulders and knees if you are a woman
– all the fijian people i know never go swimming or snorkelling, they don’t like the cold water
– fiji has so many dialects and if you want to learn fijian it takes really long because it’s different in every island and there are more than 300 islands
– small kids run around with a big knife and climb up high Palm trees and that’s completely normal there
– they never wear shoes, their feet are used to run around in the forest
– they always drink lemon leaf-tea and then they take breakfast-crackers and break it in half or fourth and put it in the tea,
so weird .. i understand when they put it in milo (hot chocolate) but in tea it’s not so tasty i think 😀
– their national drink is kava, it’s made out of a root and it looks like washing powder mixed with water and it tastes like mud. they always drink it for celebrations and it makes your mouth and feet go numb and if you drink a lot of it you can’t walk straight anymore
– they mostly eat things which comes from roots like dalo, kasawa, yam, tero, ..
– a lot of the fijian people get married when they are the age of 19
– fijians love sugar, overdose ! having diabetes is a huge problem here
– for the fijian women it’s attractive to be a bit fat, nobody wants a skinny wife
– when people sit on the ground and someone has to take something from over their head the person who sits on the ground claps their hands three times
– fruits and vegetables like pumpkin, papaya, banana, coconut, kasawa grow everywhere here .. you can just eat stuff from your garden or farm and don’t need to buy food from the supermarket
– everyone wants to take 1000 Selfies with you
– the fijian hardly clean the lenses of their camera. most of the pictures they make are blurry amd they upload every picture they made straight away on facebook
– you will get a lot of wedding-requests while you are in fiji 😀

.. i also learned some words and phrases during my stay there:

kere kere – please
sega na lega – no worries
how are you – vacava tiko
vinaka (short naka) – thank you
vinandu (short nandu) – thank you
bu – coconut
drau ni moli tea – lemon leaf tea
lau lau – farm
la mei – come to me
bula – hello
cola vina – hello
moce (speak: mo-there) – goodbye
yadra – good morning
io – yes
sega – no