i flew back to the yasawas after one week break, where i went to the coral coast on the main island in fiji.
i arrived at the airport with another guy who also worked as a gametester and a pick-up picked us up from the airstrip in the yasawas.

we saw a lot of ripe bananas next to the road on the way to the village and we stopped to get them.
i was soo happy about them because normally we never saw bananas on the way to our place there.
we arrived back in the village around lunchtime and everyone was there. i felt so happy to be back because it feels like
home there.

this time we were a smaller group of people. before we were 22 gametesters and for this job we were only 17 in the beginning.
all the people were much older than last time, most of them were 26 to 30.

we mostly got picked up by truck or boat around 8 am and came back around 2 pm, so we had a lot of free time.
i love to go snorkelling and we found a great place which was a bit of a walk away where we snorkelled with small sharks.
it was so amazing to just go in the water and swim with them without booking a tour or anyting.

the kids in the village are just lovely and have so much energy. it’s sometimes hard to keep up with them but i loved to play
with them, they are all so sweet and i miss them a lot.

kai (a guy from the carribean who worked as a gametester as well who i spent most of the time with) and me spent a lot of time in a hammock in the farm reading and talking about everything. it was such a great location and so peaceful and quiet because noone else of the other gametesters knew about this hammock.

little junior (the cutest baby in the village) had his first birthday while we were there.. the whole village came over and even
people from other villages on the island to celebrate. it took forever, so much singing and praying, .. it was so nice to
see. after the kava-session and the singing they had the biggest dinner i have seen in a long time! the whole farm where there were the kasawa-plants was empty after it 😀

i also had my birthday there and we went to the resort for partying because they had a karaoke-party there!

i got drinks after drinks.. the people there were so generous with buying wine for me. we sang songs like barbie-girl and
who let the dogs out and those kind of songs, it was so much fun.
i also sang french songs with french people there. i didn’t even know the song and i couldn’t see the lyrics on the screen
because i didn’t wear glasses but it was fun 😀 i had a great birthday.

after two weeks i went back to the main island because my work visa in fiji was running out and i had to leave the country.

i felt so sad to leave those amazing people and i am so grateful for all the great memories they gave me and for everything
i learned from them..

it truly felt like home there for me & one of the woman there gave a sarong and a necklace which should protect me from
negativity, it was so sweet !!