Month: July 2017

chill vibes in BYRON – small hippietown

i arrived at 7 am in byron and all the cafes where still closed. i went to the beach and watched the sunrise and a view people bicycling on the street with the surfboards in their arms.

then i went to a cafe and grabbed a chai-latte. unfortunately they didn’t have wifi there and i couldn’t write my couchsurfing host in byron bay that i am here and he can pick me up anytime. there was another customer in the cafe and i asked him if he knows where there is a place with wifi here. he gave me his phone to contact my host and he said he can bring me to his place because it’s close to his work, so nice. Continue reading

back to civilisation – citylife in sydney

i flew with jetstar from fiji to sydney. jetstar is one of those cheap airlines where you dont get food or drinks on the flight. it was a four hour flight and i always ordered a cup of water because it is free. if you buy a small bottle of water it is around 5 dollars, crazy expensive. by the end of the flight all the flight attendants knew me because i ordered so many cups of water during the flight 😀

i arrived in sydney around 7 pm and it was only 13 degrees outside. i stepped into the plane in fiji with shorts because it was so hot there but when i left the airport in sydney i was freezing. everyone is wearing winterjackets, scarves and warm shoes here because it’s winter right know.. i was definitely not prepared for this kind of weather. Continue reading

act like you are a fijian – FIJI’S culture

some facts about the culture and the life here in fiji:

fijitime: no one is in a hurry and everything takes forever
– in some villages the women are not allowed to have long hair
– in some places you are not allowed to wear a hat
– you should not touch the head of a child, it’s not respectful and really rude
– mostly the people don’t say yes. they raise their eyebrows instead, it’s really funny to watch
– sharing is caring here
– they love to eat kasawa because it’s really easy to grow and fast but it’s really dry and the locals eat it plain all day long Continue reading

kava – the local drink in fiji

if you travel around fiji there is no chance that you don’t get to try kava because it playes a huge roll in the culture in fiji.

kava is a plant, it comes from the root of the yaqona bush. the root is ground up and then strained with water into a large wooden
communal bowl.

in the culture here it is a symbol to bring two groups of people together, everyone sits around the kava bowl. Continue reading

i think i am in heaven – my time in the YASAWAS

i flew back to the yasawas after one week break, where i went to the coral coast on the main island in fiji.
i arrived at the airport with another guy who also worked as a gametester and a pick-up picked us up from the airstrip in the yasawas.

we saw a lot of ripe bananas next to the road on the way to the village and we stopped to get them.
i was soo happy about them because normally we never saw bananas on the way to our place there.
we arrived back in the village around lunchtime and everyone was there. i felt so happy to be back because it feels like
home there.
Continue reading

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