i had a look on the facebook fiji backpacker group for inspirations where i can go to next and i found a job offer which says that you need to have at least 20-50 days in fiji to do this job.

i thought that sounds great for me – you earn 50 fiji dollars a day (which is not a lot) BUT you get free food and accommodation and work as a gametester. i asked if they need more people for the job because rhona, the girl from germany who i met on the farm in fiji, wants to come as well.
they told me that they were only missing two girls, so that was perfect.

we took the bus from the farm and drove all the way back to nadi, which took us around five hours. i arranged that we have a place where we can do couchsurfing. it was a fancy house close to the city. the lady who does the couchsurfing is around 35 years old and she is from ireland. she lives in fiji since 15 years already. the house was pretty big and there are around 10 people living.

we went with the bus to the big market in town. the local bus is pretty cheap, it was only around 30 cents. we bought a lot of fresh fruits because we were both starving..

at the couchsurfing place where we stayed were other two girls who where travelling in fiji. we told them about our new job which starts in the next days and they were so excited about it and wanted to join us.

we met up with the guy from the new job and he said that they can come with us, we were so happy!!

we were flying to the yasawas on the 20th of april. the plane was only for ten people and pretty small. everyone could sit next to the window. it took us only 30 minutes until we landed on a small island in the yasawas. the airport was just a big grass field.

a pick-up truck brought us to the other side of the island which took around 40 minutes because the road was soo bumpy and bad. it was fun though to drive on those kinds of roads, i missed them from asia.

the village where we stayed was definitely not ready for us when we arrived.
there was no running water, no shower, no electricity, so no lights, ..

we were 21 people who test the games, all of us are backpacker.
everyone is from a different country, so cool and they are all fun and cool to have around.

the locals in the village always cooked for us, which is really good because i am not a fan of the european food anyways and
there we always got rice and pumpkin – and kasawa. it’s similar to potato but has twice as much calories and is really dry.
but it grows like grass here on the islands so it’s pretty cheap and easy. we got it everyday, twice a day 😀
i have the feeling that everything here in fiji comes from a root. kasawa, tero, jam, dalo, ..

the second day when we had dinner they told me the dish is vegetarian BUT there were shrimps in it. i found out after i had a bite which was not good because i am soo allergic to it. my troat was hurting and felt really weird & i was so afraid that i
start to not be able to breathe anymore, like it was last time when i ate a shrimp. but i brought some anti allergic pills
with me so i got lucky and survived 😀

in the village where we stayed we had a house next to the beach. we were 6 girls in one house and the boys
had to stay in a big dorm. we got so lucky because all the girls in the house where i stayed were cool and i slept next to
the window, so every morning when i woke up, i could watch the beautiful sunrise.

after around one week staying in the village we had to move to a different village because they broke down two generators and nothing was
working ..

the locals in the new village are just amazing, they are so caring and friendly and help you with everything.

and they all remembered my name for some reason which is so nice, even the kids. i felt bad because i can’t remember all of their

one day a guy who lives here in the village took us up the hill to his work in the weather station. it’s only a 20 minutes walk
until you get a beautiful view because you can see both sides from the island from up the top.

we got soo lucky with the village here because we have the nicest beach i have ever seen so far in front of our houses.

the sand is soo white and the water so clear blue and it’s just heaven for snorkelling.
aand there are coconut-trees everywhere!!

the people here always cook good food for us. for breakfast we always get porridge, papaya, jam, pancakes, bun, ..
not so healthy but delicious.

for lunch and dinner we mostly got rice, kasawa, fries, fish, chicken, noodles, breadfruit (similar to kasawa). sometimes they brought
us eggs because i am vegetarian and the options where not huge at all.. i hardly got any protein. sometimes we got dhal, but sadly
it was not so often.

often we got lunchboxes because we had to test games at lunchtime. they forgot to give me a vegetarian
lunchbox half of the time. but the lunchboxes always inlcuded pasta with tomatosauce. and a bun with butter, a bit of salad and
a cake and frome pieces of fruit.

we always did yoga in the morning. we had a large pier where we could see beautiful sunsets and sunrises everyday so it was the best location for it. we felt so relaxed and good after yoga all the time.

every third day one of us had to leave. it was always really sad because we got less and less people in the village – in the end we were only 9 left.

in the beginning they always had to send us a big truck to pick us all up and bring us to all the places for testing the games
and in the end we only got a small pick up car where everyone was fitting. so weird.

i can’t believe how lucky i got with the job here. i get paid for testing fun games and i get free boat rides to the most beautiful beaches,

we get to live in a real local village which is probably the most amazing experience.

the life here seems to be so easy, everyone cares so much about each other.. they don’t need doctors, they just have some special
plant growing on their farm. everything grows food in their farm and garden.. they sleep on the floor and are just so happy.

i am really enjoying my time here, in feel so at home & that’s why i changed my flight to australia – i am staying here for three more weeks, until my visa runs out and i have to leave the country.