snorkelling with sharks in fiji – coral coast

after 50 day of working in the yasawas we went back to nadi. i really love the plane ride, you see all the small islands with the beautiful reef around. it’s only 30 minutes by plane.

john, a friend from fiji, gave me and a friend a ride up to the coral coast. it took us 2 hours until we arrived at the
beachhouse – a fancy place for backpackers. it’s not really like a hostel – more like a resort.
you can do a lot of activities there.

i went paddle boarding in the mornings, did yoga in the evenings, went kayaking & once i tried surfing.

the surfing there is a bit difficult because the tide changes so fast. we always had high tide from the morning until 11 am.
after 11 there was almost no water anymore so you can’t surf.
the water is really shallow during high tide as well, it’s maybe until the knees. if you fall from the surf-board it is
easy to hit the reef and get reef-cuts.

on my second day there i did a jungle treck to a waterfall. it took us around three hours and it was only mud on the way
so it was impossible to walk with shoes. i tried it with my converse before but i destroyed them completely.
when we arrived at the waterfall it was such a relaxing location and we had a great time there, climbing around
the waterfall.

i spent 5 days in the beachhouse and i really love the location!

i went with a friend, kai, who was staying in the beachhouse for more than a month before, he did the job in yasawa with us and all
the people like him and know him, so we got a room to stay for free which was amazing because otherwise it is way to
expensive for me.
we got a nice room with outside-bathroom – sooooo lucky.

i also enjoyed the food there a lot. i got great vegetarian lasagne, pasta, curry, rotis, dhal, brownies and scones.
they had so much good food for breakfast as well like dark bread with beans and spinach, porridge with bananas and even
rice milk. i was in paradise. the people there were chill and fun as well, such a great atmosphere. i wish i could have
stayed longer.

on my last day there i went snorkelling with small sharks, that was a highlight for me! we went out by boat to a place where a guy catched some fish to feed the small 1 m big sharks. it was so cool to be so close to a shark but also scary.

after 5 days i went to the bus station to catch a bus to sigatoka, the next bigger town which is maybe half an hour away by car. when i arrived at the bus station there was a local-truck with a lot of locals and dogs and plants inside. they asked my where i am going
because they were on there way to sigatoka as well.
i jumped in and had to pose for a lot of pictures that they wanted to take with me. more than an hour later we
finally arrived in sigatoka, it took quite a while with the truck to get there. every car overtook us on the way.

in sigatoka i went to a few shops to prepare myself for my time back on the island in the yasawas again because there
is no supermarket and i flew back there the next day. i bought some cosmetic products and snacks.

john, the friend who lives in nadi, picked me up from there and brought me all the way back to nadi. it was so nice
to see him again and his car is soo comfortable. i am not used to sit in a nice car with AC anymore.

i arrived back in nadi around 7 pm. i found a couchsurfing host where i could stay for one night. the lady has 5 small
kids who were really sweet and there were other two backpackers from germany as well. i had a great chat with them
and fall to bed around 10 pm.

the next day i went to nadi town for shopping. i had to buy new clothes because when we did our laundry in the beach-
house we put some bleaching stuff in there by accident, so all the clothes have white dots now and look horrible.
i found some great pants and shorts for 3 fijian dollar, sooo cheap!!

after it i bought breakfast at the market, delicious bananas and papayas. then i went back to the airport to catch
my flight to the yasawas again!

i really enjoyed my break during my work on the island. it was nice to see other parts of fiji!

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  1. I don’t know who you wrote this for but you helped a bretohr out.

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