i arrived in nadi, fiji airport at lunchtime on the 10th of april. it took very long to get the visa on arrival on the airport and they wanted to check three times if i really have a backflight ticket, so strict.

i took the bus to lautoka which took me around 1 hour. i only paid 2 fiji dollar which is around 90 cent.

when i stepped out of the bus everyone stared at me.. i think the people never saw a white tourist before. it remembered me a lot of sri lanka.
all those small shops, the crazy heat, the delicious fruits, the cheap transport, ..

i had a look around and bought some shampoo and that kind of stuff because the place where i went to was in the jungle and they had no supermarket there.
i also bought a sim card for 3 dollar – so cheap ! i had 1 GB data for free.

after my shopping i took the bus up north. 5 hours later the bus dropped me in the middle of nowhere on the main road. but there were no lights and i was happy that i had a sim card.
i called the workaway-host from the farm where i stayed at and he said that he already sent a taxi to pick me up.

i had to wait 40 minutes in the dark until the kurier picked me up.. not friendly at all.

it only took 5 minutes to go to the place with the taxi, i would have been faster if i walked.

i arrived there around 8 pm and the owner who is half indian and half canadian had two other friends there. they were talking in fijian the whole time.
i thought that it is a joke. you shouldn’t talk in fijian when you have workawayers here who just arrived.

another girl, rhona, from germany was there as well. she was a workawayer like me and she arrived two days before.

the next day we got oats with water for breakfast, so boring!! no fruits at all.

then we went to a really small river (you can’t even call it river) and we cleaned a big white thing that he wanted to use for a shower. it took us really long because it was so dirty.
when we brought it back he already put 4 wooden sticks in the ground so that we can put the white thing around. then you have to take a basket full of water and can put the water on the body. so basic..

the drinking water basket was green inside, it was so unhygenic. disgusting to drink that!

we mostly worked from 9 to 11 am and then again from 3 to 5 pm because it was so hot during the day.. in those 4 hour break we cooked lunch and just chilled in the “bed”.
it was not a real bed, just a couch.
the farm was so remote, nothing around and the farmer had no car or scooter.. he was really pessimistic and negativ because he was never happy and he told us that all the people here are not educated so you can’t make a serious conversations with them and stealing is normal for them as well. we should be careful he told us everytime we told him that we want to do something.

he also wanted to speak all the time about hitler and trump, topics where we are not the same opinion. it only seemed like he want to argue, so annoying.

he built his “house” in 5 days. it was like a cottage and only one room where we all slept. it was so annoying because you don’t have any privacy at all.
he smoked weed every day and always inside, even if we don’t like to smoke. it was not respectful..

i think it was really bad weed because he was always caughing. we could hardly sleep because of the caughing and once he started to talk at 4 am on the phone. i thought this can’t be for real.

he also woke us up every morning around 6 because he can’t be quiet. everything he did was just loud.

our work on the farm included feeding the chickens, watering goats, weeding and planting seeds. we also had to clean the “house”. we found a lot of used tissues and those things to clean the ear everywhere on the
ground. really disgusting.

after 2 days i had the feeling that i have to leave. his character was just horrible and the work as well.
normally when you do workaway you work 4 hours in the morning and then you have half of the day left to explore the area but in that case it was just staying with him the whole time.

i told him after 5 days that we are going to leave in 2 days, i couldn’t take it any longer. it was just the most horrible experience i could imagine.

there were heaps of big spiders everywhere in the house and the toilet outside looked horrible as well. everything was just really bad!

on our last day there we went to the beach.. we had to walk 30 minutes to the mainroad and from there we took the bus to the beach. it took us only 20 minutes in the bus.

the beach was just amazing. so many palmtrees and the water was so clear !!

we chilled there the whole day. in the beginning there were no people there but after a while it seemed that the whole village was there. everyone stared at us because the are not used to see tourists and especially not in a bikini.

we went to a shop there and asked if they have fruits we can buy. they told us the have none but then she went to her garden and brought us a ripe and delicious papaya and gave it to us for free.
it was just so nice!!

when we came back to the farm in the evening the farmer was in a bad mood, as always. i felt bad when we stepped in the house. bad atmosphere there all the time.. i am definitely not used to have negative people around me.

he asked me if i can sleep on his “bed” tonight because he feels sick and he needs a good sleep. i thought that’s a joke because he was the one who always woke us up. we could never really sleep!
the “bed” where he is sleeping was more like a chair. and it was hard as a stone. i couldn’t sleep there at all.

i was just soooo happy when we left the morning after!! i can’t imagine a worse workaway experience then this.