Month: May 2017

living in the jungle – farmlife in fiji

i arrived in nadi, fiji airport at lunchtime on the 10th of april. it took very long to get the visa on arrival on the airport and they wanted to check three times if i really have a backflight ticket, so strict.

i took the bus to lautoka which took me around 1 hour. i only paid 2 fiji dollar which is around 90 cent.

when i stepped out of the bus everyone stared at me.. i think the people never saw a white tourist before. it remembered me a lot of sri lanka.
all those small shops, the crazy heat, the delicious fruits, the cheap transport, .. Continue reading

10 days of silence – vipassana meditation retreat

i hitchhiked from a couchsurfing place in puhoi, where i stayed for three nights, to the vipassana retreat which is close to auckland.
it was one hour away from puhoi but the road was quiet and windy and mostly with gravel.

i got so lucky that the first car stopped. it was a 50 year old man and he even invited me to stay at their familys place after my
the retreat was not on the way where he wanted to go but he said he didn’t want to drop me in the middle of nowhere so he brought me all the way to the centre which was soo kind. Continue reading

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