feeling like a slave on a kumara-farm in dargaville

my new workaway-host picked me and another traveller from france up in auckland.
then we drove a bit outside of auckland to the house where his family lives. he said to us that we sleep there today but maybe we sleep in the kitchen because the house is always full πŸ˜€

he is from india, so we expected 100 people there πŸ˜€ and we were right. sooo many people. the whole house was full but i got a mattress in a small office to sleep. his wife cooked dhal and rice for us – really delicious.

after we woke up on the next morning the wife told us to help her with a few things. straight after we woke up in the morning. – we were not so happy about it but after we finished the work which we did fast, she made us indian rottis. HEAVEN for me!

then we made our way up north to dargaville. it took us about 4 hour because the host wanted to make so many stopps everywhere.
he is not the best driver and we didn’t feel save πŸ˜€ he stopped in the middle of the road sometimes because he didn’t know the way. but he drives the way once a week πŸ˜€

we arrived in the afternoon in dargaville. he has a small “house” and a greenhouse where he grows a lot of vegetables. he also has a huge kumara field on the farm.

the house was not really clean and it was more like a cottage but it had all we needed.. we drove to the supermarket to buy food. i put everything i need for a week in it and he was not so happy about the bill πŸ˜› he cares way too much about the money. i picked only really cheap stuff – but still !

almost everyday we had a mouse in the house and 10000 mosquitos, spiders, crickets, ..
the indian guy always slept on a spare bed in the living room and the french guy had some sort of a garage to sleep there. he got soo many mosquito-bites, not nice anymore. the french guy (Adrian), and i always had to cook and do all the dishes, the host never did anything.

on the first day there i painted and decorated the tomato-sign in his entrance where he is selling them.. the sign didn’t look really interesting before and now it looks way better.

we had to start work everyday at 7:30 am.. our main work was to weed the kumara-field and to dig the ground for planting vegetables.
it was exhausting for our knees and the back because the ground was so hard. he didn’t even had good tools for us to do the work..
everything was already destroyed but he thought when he puts a tape around the tools everything is almost new again.. not really πŸ˜€

we always worked our four hours in the morning and everytime when he came back from his bank-job in whangarei he wanted to make us work more hours. picking the tomatoes and putting it into plastic bags. cooking, cleaning, repairing stuff for him. he never did anything..

one day after work we hitchhiked to the kai iwi lakes which are so beautiful. clearest lakes in NZ πŸ™‚
it was the first hitchhiking experience for the french guy. he didn’t believe me before that it is so easy. we got really lucky because the lakes are far away from the mainroad and we found a dad with his two kids and he was so kind and brought as there even if he doesn’t live there. on the way back another traveller from germany stopped and brought as all the way back to our nice place in dargaville.

dargaville itself is not really pretty. nothing to do there!

one day after work we hitchhiked to whangarei which is almost one hour away from dargaville. he got lucky and waited not even one minute until a old couple picked us up and brought us to whangarei city.

there is a “restaurant” called hare krishna.. it’s a restaurant where they only have indian, vegetarian food and you only can give donations. there are a lot of homeless people there because it’s for free..the indian guy said we should call him when we are there that we have lunch together and when we got there he said he is so busy at work (he works in whangarei in a bank). so we paid for our own lunch even if we worked for it.. typical.
when we finished the lunch he said he is now not so busy anymore and he can come. of coourse !

the food was delicious, we had dhal with a lot of different vegetables and a salad, some sort of cous-cous pudding and a kiwi-ginger drink.

after it we had a look around in whangarei. we did a loop around the harbour. took us pretty long because i was soo tired. i hardly could sleep in my room in dargaville because of all the insects.

in the afternoon our host picked us up from whangarei and we drove back to the farm. another girl from the states was in the car. she was a workawayer as well.

i said to the host that he should cook tonight because it’s my last night and he never cooked anything so far. he put rice in the rice-cooker and lentils in a pot and after 1,5 hours everything was totally overcooked. YUMMY πŸ˜€

when we had dinner in the living-room together there were so many mosquitos that the host decided to make a fire in the house on the floor. great idea, we almost couldn’t breathe anymore.

he has a pet, it’s a goat and her name is betty. we gave her a lot of good food while we worked there because we were pretty sure that he doens’t feed her very well, so we thought that we have to make her fit because the host want to get a male goat to make her pregnant. so she must be a beauty when her boyfriend comes πŸ˜€

sometimes the host put the goat of the leash and she was running around everywhere and ate the tomatoes which was not soo good πŸ˜€ she also went into the house and in my room. the host always had so many great ideas !!

it was an interesting workaway experience but i was happy that i left after 5 days because we felt more like slaves there. his attitude is definitely the wrong one for hosting people via wwoofing or workaway!

















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