there are a lot of ways to go from methven up to christchurch.. i started my hitchhiking trip up north around 3 pm. i walked 45 minutes until i found a good place to hitchhike with my two backpacks which are really heavy – one has 16 kilos and the other one 7 kg. CRAZY ! i don’t know how they got so heavy ๐Ÿ˜€

a farmer picked me up and gave me a ride to the highway. then another guy stopped in his really fancy car and brought me to a place close to christchurch. he was really nice and offered me to stay at his place for the night and the next day he can bring me to the airport in the morning..

but i already had a couchsurfing host in christchurch. i waited for a while on the highway to christchurch because there was not really a place to hitchhike..

but i got really lucky and a men who lives in auckland picked me up. he was just on his way to the airport and brought me to the house where i did the couchsurfing. it took us about an hour because of the bad traffic. i was really grateful that i didn’t have to walk because it takes about 1,5 hours with the public-transport to get to the house. he said he has to wait until it’s 8 pm anyways so he has time and can easily take me there.

when i arrived at the couchsurfing place there was a sweet welcome sign full of colours and a huge vegetable and fruit garden in front of his house. it was a 65 years old men who hosted more than 400 couchsurfers already amazing !

he is some sort of a hippie, vegetarian, yogi, .. it was cool to talk to him. he is such a caring and generous men.

i had to share my room with two other backpacker from france. they were both really cool and fun. every person from france who i met so far is really cool and crazy.

we made crepes with sweet stuff and crepes with vegetable and salat for dinner. it took us forever to prepare them especially because there were two other people from mexico arriving as well and our couchsurfing host said we should wait for them to arrive before we eat.

my flight back to auckland in the northisland was on the next day at lunchtime so i almost had no time to see anything of christchurch.. we finished dinner at 9 pm finally and i told the host (john) that i go and see something of the city. he told me that he will lock the door before he goes to bed.. i was really sad because that means that i don’t see anything at all of christchurch.
but he told me he goes to bed around 11 pm which is really late for old people ๐Ÿ˜€ in austria all the older People who i know go to bed at 8 pm.

the guy who i went to castle hill the other day with picked me up and gave me a two hour-tour through christchurch. we went to see the pear and after it we drove up a hill where the road is only made for four wheels drive. it was bumpy and fun. we had a great view over christchurch.
then we had a short look around the “city” and i saw a fancy A-FRAME CHURCH. pretty cool!

i made it perfectly in time back to the couchsurfing host..

the next day i woke up early and i got picked up at 9 am from a guy who lives in christchurch.. we went to a cafรจ in the city. the toilet was behind a big book-wall, looked pretty cool. the water-tap was an old sewing-machine and when you order a burger there are a lot of glass-tubes on the ceiling which they put the burger through. it looks really fancy there ๐Ÿ˜€

after it i made my way to the airport. when you get off the bus one station before the airport it is 4 dollar, otherwise it is 8,50 dollar. of course i took the cheaper one. it was just a 5 minutes walk to get to the airport so that was totally fine.

i checked in at the counter and the men there told me that i booked no luggage.. the flight was really cheap but i thought that the luggage is included. the flight from christchurch to auckland was 29 euro. i thought okay, i check the luggage in now, it’s a cheap airline so that should be fine.

i had to pay 70 dollar for my backpack, not cheap at all !! SOS

the men told me it’s the airport-fee which is so expensive and next time i should try the online-checkin which closed 20 minutes before. then it is only 10 dollar ๐Ÿ˜€ that didn’t made my day at all.

the airport in christchurch is sweet, really small. i only had to be there 30 minutes before boarding. everything there was really easy to find.

christchurch has a really sad vibe.. all the workers still try to rebuild everything that got destroyed at the big earthquake in 2011.

they had a big fire on the hills as well two weeks ago which destroyed a motor-bike park that was worth millions and they just finished it.. now they have to rebuild everything. quite frustrating.