finally ! my flight back to auckland was on the 15th of march.. it was a hot day when i arrived around lunchtime at the airport. i took the expensive Tourist-skybus back to the middle of the city, queen street.

i met up with a friend, his name in kevin. he allowed me to stay at his place the next days. he picked me up from the centre and we put all my stuff in his flat. then we drove 45 minutes outside of auckland, to a place where they have a frisbee-golf course. i got a little bit better than i used to be the first time i tried it but i am still not good in it πŸ˜€

on the way back we stopped at the indian-restaurant and ordered food to take away. we went to a beach to watch the sunset which was pretty nice. i couldn’t remeber when i watched the sunset the last time. the food was delicious as well. such a nice day πŸ™‚

the next day i bought an alarm-clock for my 10 days meditation-retreat because i always have to get up at 4 am and i am not allowed to have my mobile phone while i am there. i found a cheap one for 3 dollar. i hope it is working πŸ˜€

then i strolled a bit through the city & had a look through second hand shops. i found a really cool jumper for 6 dollar. it says it’s for men but it’s totally my size. must have belong to a small men.

i also bought a fake-nose piercing (septum) for 6 dollar because i always wanted to try how it fits me.

then i met up with a friend who i met when i arrived the first time in auckland. we had a walk around the harbour and lunch together.

i found a great looking container where there are books and couches inside. it’s like a public living-room next to the sea. i sat down and waited for kevin to pick me up. we had delicious ice-cream and had another long walk back to his car. i felt so exhausted from all the long walks in the city. i am not used to a big city with 1000000 of people around me anymore. i prefer living in peaceful places.

in the evening we packed our stuff and a big air-mattress in the car and drove to the beach in piha. it’s a small surfertown and remebers me a lot of asia.. such chilled vibes.

we slept in the car and watched the stars and the next morning we drove to a beach which was 10 minutes drive away from piha.. we climbed down a big cliff and there was a big beach.. and a tunnel. we walked through the tunnel which took us about 2 minutes. it’s so dark and narrow. then we saw the light at the other end and a small wave coming.. it looked small. but it was bigger than we thought. the water reached my knees. it was low tide when we went there but when the tide is high and you walk through the tunnel you can die quiet easily.. it was great to see how amazing nature is..

climbing up the cliff again was really exhausting, especially for me because i am afraid of heights and you can fall down quite easy. good that we walked down in the morning because it was not so hot then.
after it we did an one hour walk to a nice waterfall. so much walking again on that day πŸ˜€

in the afternoon we went to a sri lankan restaurant to have dinner there. i couldn’t believe what i saw on the menu –

they had masala dosa!! my favourite. i was soo happy..

after the delicious food we drove to the city centre and played pool.. i am not so good in playing it πŸ˜›

then we took a blanket and drove to the silo-park at the harbour.. they had an outdoor-cinema there. we sat down and watched it but we fall asleep.. we were to exhausted from the hikes .. but they have it every friday there. for free, great idea!

on the next day in the morning kevin brought me to the city centre where i put my backpack and all my stuff in a flat from a couchsurfing host. it was the same host where i slept the first days when i arrived in new zealand. he was not even there but he gave me his doorcode. so nice!

i left all my stuff there and a friend picked me up and we drove to another great beach outside of auckland. the beach is called muriwai beach. it’s beautiful there.. so many surfer and birds. the beaches on the westcoast looks so different than on the eastcoast. the eastcoast is more for pretty beaches and the westcoast beaches look wilder. with black sand and great nature around.

we also had the best ice-ceam in new zealand on the way to the beach!! i am so addicted to ice-cream.

the host for my next wwoofing job texted me that he will pick me up in auckland city at 6 pm. we hurried up to be back at 6 pm. i looked at my messages and he said that he will be a bit late. he will come at 6:45.

i got another message from a guy who i did another workaway in the southland for. he is in auckland as well and if we meet up for a coffee. he was in a cafe just around the corner so i met him quickly for a drink. was really spontaneous and cool to see him again. i thought my wifi works in the cafe but obviously something was wrong with it .. because it was already 7:15 pm and my host still didn’t text me that he is there.. i checked the connection from the wifi again and it was not connected the whole time .. πŸ˜€ typical me.

my host rang me a lot of times already that he is there. i packed my stuff fast and apoligized πŸ˜€ he was not angry with me, yeah