crazy student-city dunedin

we arrived in dunedin around lunchtime and our first stop was pack n safe. finally a big supermarket again and civilisation. we bought a lot of good food and had lunch in the car on the carpark there. alana (the german girl) and i found the best combination for the toast bread: peanutbutter with blackcurrant-jam. delicious!!

after it we went to the library to charge our phones and look for a place where we can stay.. i wrote a few people on couchsurfing if they can spontaneous host us the next two nights.

in front of the uni library was a big street food market and a band. we ate some dumplings and sticky rice and some sort of a cake from singapore, sri lanka & taiwan but after we finished our “dinner” it started to rain heavily.

so we went back to the car and chilled there a bit and ate more because the portions at the street food festival were more than mini. almost nothing. just two bites πŸ˜€

in the evening we wanted to check out the nightlife because we heard that there should be a lot of student partys around. we followed some drunk people and suddenly we stand in front of a house with a DJ in the garden and hundreds of really really drunk and wasted people. there was nobody who was only a bit drunk. everyone was completely on drugs or drunk. i felt like in project-x. CRAZY πŸ˜€
the policemen who were in front of the house let people do push-ups.. crazy student place.

nobody replied on couchsurfing so we drove to a free campside on the beach a bit outside of town. the campside was pretty nice. we had a clean toilet with mirror and a sink to wash all the dishes. we had porridge on the beach for breakfast and after it we drove back to town to charge everything again and to check the couchsurfing-app. a guy replied that we can come and we drove to his house.

george is 35 years old and musician. he asked us if we want to come as well to his volunteering work in a cannabis museum because they try to make cannabis legal for all the ill people who need it as a medicament. we said yess, we join and we drove there. it was a house were a lot of people sat in a circle and smoked weed. they were completely stoned. that was not really a place to be for me because i don’t smoke and i didn’t want to spend my day there.

we drove to the beach because the weather was great and we chilled there for a bit. in the afternoon we went back to the couchsurfing host, had some dinner and after it we drove to the sandfly beach.. a beautiful beach where we saw some sealions & two penguins. sooo cute!!

we walked along the beach for an hour and on the way back it was really exhausting because there was a steep hill we had to climb. was not soo easy especially not with all the sand because we always slide back. back at the house he sang a few songs for us which was really nice to listen to. i love the sound of the guitar.

we gut lucky with the weather the next day as well. i wrote a few people on the wwoofing-website to search for my next job and a family replied fast that i can come.. they asked me as well if i travel alone because they have more work. so i asked alana if she want to come as well and she said yes.. pretty cool πŸ™‚

we had one more day to spent in dunedin. one of the guys who gave me a free ride when i hitchhiked from the sheepfarm in southland down to invercargill is living in dunedin and he wrote me if he should Show us around a bit. his best friend is a tattoo artist here and alana and i would love to make a tattoo here but unfortunately he was fully booked.

ben, the guy i met while hitchhiking, went with us to another pretty nice beach which was really steep and exhausting to walk back as well. but the view there was amazing. after it we drove to the steepest street worldwide.. it’s really steep and i was happy that we didn’t had to walk again. πŸ˜€

in the evening we cooked some food at his house and after it we took his sweet dog for a walk along the beach. then we went back to george, our couchsurfing host and we played cardgames until we went to bed.

the next day we only packed our stuff, cleaned everything a bit & drove to the city to meet up with george and ben again, to say goodbye. then we made our way to the next wwoofing job in oamaru which was an one and a half hour drive away.






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