swimming with dolphins – wildlife in the catlins

the people on the farm brought me to the mainroad in riversdale where i waited for a car to get a ride. it was a really quiet road to hitchhike. i waited 10 minutes until the first car stopped. 4 men were in the car and they asked me: “do you feel like going in a car with 4 men?” i thought that i don’t have space in the car anymore because it looked already full but i was happy that a car stopped so i said yess.

i sat in the middle of 4 men who were partying the night before. it seems like they had a really really big party because they were still a bit drunk and one guy was puking when we stopped at the shop.

they went for a short diving-trip down to bluff which was on the way to invercargill. they dropped me in invercargill at a really quiet road again. it was the road to the catlins, where i was planning to go and stay there at a couchsurfers place for one night.

after a couple minutes waiting a girl from germany stopped in her campervan and gave me a ride. we made a few stopps on the way to the couchsurfing place.

we stopped at curio bay and had a short walk on the beach and we looked in the water because there was something strange..
it turned out that there were about 6 dolphins. we couldn’t believe it. the dolphins were maybe 5 metres away drom the beach.

we ran back to the car to get our swimming-stuff and when we came back to the beach and ready to swim with dolphins they were gone.
we went for a short swim anyways .. it was freezing cold but we really wanted that the dolphins come back.

after waiting for around 20 minutes in the ice-cold water the dolphins came back.

they swom 2 metres next to us – SOOOOOOOOO COOL!!

in the afternoon we made our way to the couchsurfing place which was not so far away from curio bay. a 57 year old sheepfarmer lives there. we found a letter on the door which says: make yourself a home. i am at a meeting. see you tomorrow morning..

the girl from germany wanted to stay there as well, that we can drive to the catlins the next days and see some more cool stuff. so she was sleeping there as well and i was hoping that the guy will not be too angry about it. i wrote him if it is okay but he didn’t go online.

the next day in the morning we went to the kitchen and he had some breakfast there and he was soo nice and sweet. he was not angry at all, only really friendly and funny.

we had a great talk with him and he showed us around in the big vegetable garden and he showed us his lovely sheepdogs as well.

he was such a kind and sweet farmer. we would love to stay there longer but i had a new wwoofing job in the catlins, in owaka, were i should be the next day.

it was another two hours drive to owaka. the road was pretty nice, mostling along the coast. we stopped at a few viewpoints and at some waterfalls.

we stopped in owaka and went to a beach which was not touristic. we walked along the beach and suddenly there were a lot of big sealions. we sat down in the middle of sealions and had lunch. was pretty nice there πŸ˜€

we arrived at the new wwoofing-place in the afternoon. there were around 12 other people and it seemed to be really chaotic. almost only german people and they were not really friendly. but they had 6 puppies which were only 5 days old, sooo cute.

the farmer, steve, was a really social guy. i think he has problems to say no because he bought food for almost everyone there and the People dont really worked there. he had to sleep on the floor because everything else was already taken. strange and really unorganised.

he didn’t really had work there and there were only germans. he didn’t had wifi at his place and i really didn’t wanted to stay there because it would be a waste of time for me not to do anything and stay only with germans. so, i told him that i will leave the day after.

i was happy that alana, the german girl was still there, because we slept in her car at the farm because we didn’t want to sleep in the house.

in the evening we drove to the nugget point. it’s a really beautiful place where there is a lighthouse and you can see a lot of seals and if you get lucky you can also see some penguins at sunset. we waited there one hour but there were no penguins. just a lot of seals which was cute as well and the view from the lighthouse was amazing. such a nice place!! 17028818_1564691346878307_967044354_n










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