on my last day in tuatapere jesse (the host there) drove me to invercargill. it was an hour drive away.
he had to buy some stuff there because in tuatapere they only have a small four square where everything is pretty expensive. a lot of people go once a week or every second week for a big shopping-trip to the big supermarket pack n safe in invercargill – because it’s way cheaper.

i hitchhiked from invercargill to riversdale. it’s not touristic there at all and the road was really really quiet BUT i got a ride after waiting half an hour in the rain.

i arrived at the sheepfarm in the afternoon in the middle of february .

a guy who is 24 years old runs the sheepfarm there. it is a bit outside of riversdale and in the middle of nowhere. no neighbours around πŸ˜€ such a peaceful place to live.

another traveller from sweden was there as well. he really loves the place there so he stays 2 or 3 months. i don’t have so much time. i stayed there for 10 days.

the people on the farm are really nice and funny – but really into beer. they drink beer all day long. i couldn’t believe it. for them it was almost unbelievable that i don’t drink alcohol, that i don’t smoke and that i don’t eat meat. almost impossible that i am still alive. πŸ˜€

the work there was really cool. on the first day i could join the owner (zeb) in the quad or kawasaki or whatever it was πŸ˜€ we shifted some sheep and he showed me how it works. they have 6 dogs. they all are pretty good trained for shifting the sheep. it was really impressing to watch. one dog controls the sheep with his eyes and the other dog controls them with barking.

then we worked a bit in the fields..

the other day was pretty busy. i started work at 7:30 am and finished around 5 pm. they had to shear 300 sheep and i could help them. they even showed me how to shear a sheep. i tried it. it’s pretty difficult especially because the machine is only made for right-handled people.

but it was a lot of fun to do this job!

i also had to wash a tractor, collect some fire-wood (where i destroyed my leggins), i mowed a lawn with a big lawn-mower.

they made a huge frisbee-golf course in their back fields. i really enjoy playing frisbee-golf but against men who are really good in it it was a bit frustrating πŸ˜€

a beautiful river is flowing through their farm as well, it’s really nice to go for a short swim after work. the weather was really hot during my stay. finally summer!!

the brother of the owner was there as well for a bit. he moves to bali soon & he is vegan so it was pretty good for me. there was a lot of great vegan food in the fridge. i drank the best coconut milk ever

.. the package looked really fancy and the next time i went in a shop i looked how much it costs.. 8 dollar!! for one liter milk – craaaazy

i always wanted to see how a sheepfarm works, i got pretty lucky to meet such nice people there on the farm who showed me around and explained me everything i wanted to know. πŸ™‚