Month: March 2017

petting a kiwi bird – sliding down sanddunes – cliff jumping & more – in NORTHLAND

after my farm-job in dargaville i went to whangarei and i drove to my new couchsurfing host alex. he is a 74 year old man who lives in a caravan a bit outside of the city. he has a garage with a tent and two mattresses inside. that’s all you need for couchsurfing. i arrived there in the afternoon and he asked me if i want to see a kiwi-bird by daylight..

i was confused because you can only see kiwi birds at nighttime and they are so rare. there is one small island in the bottom of new zealand which is called steward island. that’s pretty much the only place which is known for seeing kiwi birds at night.
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feeling like a slave on a kumara-farm in dargaville

my new workaway-host picked me and another traveller from france up in auckland.
then we drove a bit outside of auckland to the house where his family lives. he said to us that we sleep there today but maybe we sleep in the kitchen because the house is always full 😀

he is from india, so we expected 100 people there 😀 and we were right. sooo many people. the whole house was full but i got a mattress in a small office to sleep. his wife cooked dhal and rice for us – really delicious. Continue reading

back to city life & roadtrips around auckland

finally ! my flight back to auckland was on the 15th of march.. it was a hot day when i arrived around lunchtime at the airport. i took the expensive Tourist-skybus back to the middle of the city, queen street.

i met up with a friend, his name in kevin. he allowed me to stay at his place the next days. he picked me up from the centre and we put all my stuff in his flat. then we drove 45 minutes outside of auckland, to a place where they have a frisbee-golf course. i got a little bit better than i used to be the first time i tried it but i am still not good in it 😀
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short visit in christchurch

there are a lot of ways to go from methven up to christchurch.. i started my hitchhiking trip up north around 3 pm. i walked 45 minutes until i found a good place to hitchhike with my two backpacks which are really heavy – one has 16 kilos and the other one 7 kg. CRAZY ! i don’t know how they got so heavy 😀

a farmer picked me up and gave me a ride to the highway. then another guy stopped in his really fancy car and brought me to a place close to christchurch. he was really nice and offered me to stay at his place for the night and the next day he can bring me to the airport in the morning.. Continue reading

taking care of a puppy in a ski lodge in methven

on the way back from lake tekapo alana dropped me off in ashburton which was on the way to christchurch. she booked the ferry up to the northisland because she hasn’t been there yet.

we had a really good time travelling together. i got lucky that she picked me up when i hitchhiked down to the catlins. maybe we see each other again when i am back in the northisland.

i hitchhiked from ashburton to my next job in methven. i waited maybe two minutes until i got picked up and a woman who lives in methven gave me a ride. it took us only 20 minutes to get there. Continue reading

lake pukaki – most beautiful lake i have ever seen

the next day after we got our tattoos done we drove to lake tekapo. it was not so far away from timaru. maybe 1 hour. lake tekapo is known for seeing all the stars really clear & taking a picture with the church & stars at night.

when we arrived there the weather was not good. it was raining at the lake so we just had our standard-lunch in the car: dark toast-bread with jam & peanutbutter and one with hummus & avocado – delicious !!
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finally getting a green thumb for gardening ?!

alana and i arrived in the afternoon at our new wwwoofing-place in kakanui. it’s close to oamaru. the family there is really nice – the man is from kenia and the woman from new zealand. they have a cute 3 years old daughter named elsie. she is full of power and once she started talking she never stopped which was exhausting for us 😀

they life in a really quiet area with a huuuuge vegetable garden. i never saw such a big garden before. they have a few sheep, chicken, goats & two sweet cats, .. Continue reading

crazy student-city dunedin

we arrived in dunedin around lunchtime and our first stop was pack n safe. finally a big supermarket again and civilisation. we bought a lot of good food and had lunch in the car on the carpark there. alana (the german girl) and i found the best combination for the toast bread: peanutbutter with blackcurrant-jam. delicious!!

after it we went to the library to charge our phones and look for a place where we can stay.. i wrote a few people on couchsurfing if they can spontaneous host us the next two nights. Continue reading

swimming with dolphins – wildlife in the catlins

the people on the farm brought me to the mainroad in riversdale where i waited for a car to get a ride. it was a really quiet road to hitchhike. i waited 10 minutes until the first car stopped. 4 men were in the car and they asked me: “do you feel like going in a car with 4 men?” i thought that i don’t have space in the car anymore because it looked already full but i was happy that a car stopped so i said yess. Continue reading

shearing a sheep – farmlife in southland

on my last day in tuatapere jesse (the host there) drove me to invercargill. it was an hour drive away.
he had to buy some stuff there because in tuatapere they only have a small four square where everything is pretty expensive. a lot of people go once a week or every second week for a big shopping-trip to the big supermarket pack n safe in invercargill – because it’s way cheaper.

i hitchhiked from invercargill to riversdale. it’s not touristic there at all and the road was really really quiet BUT i got a ride after waiting half an hour in the rain.

i arrived at the sheepfarm in the afternoon in the middle of february . Continue reading

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