Month: February 2017

hippieplace in tuatapere

a traveller who i met during my stay in te anau brought me to a place called tuatapere. it’s down south in southland.
i stayed there one week and helped a canadian guy packing his stuff that he can move to australia.

he sold his house so we slept in his yurt and stayed in his sheds. it was really cool there. the yurt had a fireplace so we could always make a bonfire at night. otherwise it would be too cold to sleep. Continue reading

a cruise in milford sounds national park

on my day off in te anau the owner of the motel booked me a cruise to milford sounds. that was really nice from her.. normally it’s about 150 dollar because the bus and the lunch was included as well. i got it for free! Continue reading

how to become a professional cleaner in te anau

i hitchhiked from queenstown to te anau.. it’s a 2 hours drive and the landscape around is beautiful as always here.
i waited 15 minutes until a car stopped and i couldn’t believe which car stopped – a really fancy looking red ferrari. OMG
i got a free ride in a FERRARI ? nice! 😀
the men was really nice as well. about 40 years old and travelled a lot with his family.. he had a lot of interesting stories to tell.

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beautiful Queenstown

chris, a guy from germany picked me up in franz josef glacier and brought me all the way down to queenstown. it took us about 7 hours.. we stopped a lot of times to take some pictures because the nature is amazing here!!
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