Month: January 2017

Franz Josef Glacier

i arrived in franz joseph glacier on the 24th of january. my couchsurfing host sandro picked me up from town and we drove a bit outside of town to his place.
he is living in a truck, pretty cool!! i always wanted to stay in a truck. you pretty much only have to clean one room, amazing 😀 Continue reading

Abel Tasman & Bays

after the wwoofing-host wrote me a mail that i can’t come anymore i had to make a new plan!

i had a look at the backpacker new zealand facebook-groups and i found two other girls who wanted to go to abel tasman. laura, a girl from germany came over and stayed at the couchsurfing place as well and the day after in the morning we made our way to marahau beach.

i booked two tickets for the freedom kayaking in abel tasman the day before.. we picked up another girl from the netherlands on the way so we could do the kayaking tour together. Continue reading

good times in the laid back town – NELSON !

in the middle of january, after my housesitting job, i went to nelson. it’s one and a half hour away from blenheim, where i did the housesitting-job. i said goodbye to the family and pets there and then i tried to hitchhike to nelson. the drivers in the first five cars which stopped said that the go to christchurch, which is about 5 hours away..
i thought that this was the highway to nelson and christchurch is the other way but since the big earthquake happened the other road along the eastcoast is closed so everyone has to take the alternative road.
i had to wait about an hour and then two backpacker from france stopped and gave me a ride to nelson, finally! Continue reading

new years resolution nr. 2 – go fully vegan

in the past three years i found a good way for me to feel well in my body and keep my weight even if i ate a lot! (except the 3,5 months where i was in asia)

i used to eat meat when i was younger but i stopped eating it when i moved out of my parents place, which was three years ago. i never really understood why people eat animals and i never really liked the taste so it was easy to stop.
Continue reading

new years resolution nr. 1 – meditate!

i was never really interested in learning something about meditation & yoga when i was young. my mum always wants me to meditate and do yoga with her.. i tried it sometimes for a few minutes but i always had to laugh and couldn’t take it serious. a few teacher in school always wanted us to meditate about 10 minutes but we always had our phones next to us or just laughed the whole time. Continue reading

southisland – housesitting in blenheim

on the 27th of december i took a ferry from wellington to picton. the ferry was about 45 euros and it was a three hours ride. when i arrived in picton the family who i did the housesitting-job for the next 14 days, picked me up at the harbour.
they are all really nice, both are born in new zealand but they travelled around the world when they were young. now they live in blenheim with three little children, a cat and a dog. Continue reading

how to be a real new zealander “kiwi”

if you want to pretend that you are a real kiwi you should do the following things:

– never wear socks or shoes, always go barefoot even if it’s not summer 😛
– ask everybody “hey, how are you doing?” – make a lot of smalltalk. new zealand people love making short conversations, even in the supermarket when there is a huge line behind you or when you pay in a restaurant – really everyhwere! Continue reading

how to make 2017 great!

more smiles
more music
more gratitude
more positive thinking
more selfconfidence
more good friends
more fun
more patience Continue reading

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