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feeding baby-alpacas on a farm

on the way to our first work-away-job in new zealand we made a stop on an alpaca-farm close to turangi.

they have about 600 alpacas there, most of them are form new zealand. a few are imported from chile, australia and other countries.

i have never seen alpacas in real life before and i was really impressed!
i always thought that sheeps are soft when you pet them BUT sheeps aren’t soft when you compare it to alpacas. Continue reading

how beautiful can nature be ?! – tongariro crossing

after there was bad weather for a couple of days we took the first sunny day to do the tongariro-crossing which is close to turangi. one hour drive from taupo.

everybody says that the tongariro-crossing is one of the best hikings here in new zealand so i was really curious about it.

we drove to the end of the crossing and took a shuttlebus which was driving us to the beginning of the crossing. we paid 20 dollar each for the shuttle it was the cheapest we can get. still not really cheep.
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a real maori experience

after my housesitting job in te puke i met up with marcus from germany. he is traveling alone as well so we thought we can travel together for a bit. he has bought a camper-van in new zealand which is really cool!

we went down to reporoa to meet up with a maori from couchsurfing.
grant, the maori, picked us up and we followed him to his place.

it was not a normal house, it was a cottage without power, water and without toilet and shower.
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things i learned while travelling

– to be more self-employed
– there are many countries where they can’t drink the water from the top
– living minimalistic is actually not that bad
– i should listen to the advices my family and friends are giving me, but i should do what i want
– to do things alone is pretty cool and exciting
– improving my english-skills
– i should always listen to my heart, not to my head
– not everybody speaks english, so i have to communicate with hands and feet sometimes
– how to pack my backpack in a useful way Continue reading

what to do when you are stuck in te puke, NZ

in Te Puke – the place were i have to do a housesitting-job – is almost nothing to do, or really just nothing 😀

Without a car it is impossible to get somewhere because there is only one bus a day but just one way. I realized that this is not the best place to stay after i have been here for one day.
But i have to stay there for three weeks, so i wanted to make the best out of it, and i did.

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daytrip to taupo – driving a strangers car?!

On Saturday two guys who are living in Tauranga took me to Taupo, it was 2 hours away.
They were training for a bike-race around the lake Taupo which is about 160 km.
After we arrived in Taupo they just said to me: “you can take the car, no worries” Continue reading

housesitting te puke, new zealand

My first housesitting job in new zealand was in te puke. i had to take care of a cat and a dog and about 100 of birds.

the 70-year old couple went on holiday to vietnam for three weeks. i had a beautiful house full of flowers for me alone, it was really nice their but the town was really really quiet and small and there was not much to do, unless you have a car. but i didn’t bought a car before and the house was up the hill, about a 25-minutes-walk from the bus station. Continue reading

free things to do in Rotorua

we hitchhiked from te puke to rotorua which was my first hitchhike so far, i felt really strange at the beginning. but if you don’t have a car here there is no other option because the bus is only going once a day – and just one way, so you can’t get back.
but it didn’t took us long to get a free ride, we were waiting about 20 minutes or not even.

After we arrived in Rotorua we realized that every place where we wanted to go to is too far away. Continue reading

rafting down the kaitune-river in rotorua

on tuesday the first of november two girls from austria and i were going to rotorua, a town 40 minutes away from te puke.
we booked a rafting tour on the internet for 85 new zealand dollars, that’s about 55 euros. pretty expensive. (like every tour here)
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beautiful hike at Mount Maunganui

During the first days in Te Puke i went to Mount Maunganui, which is a little bit outside of Tauranga. The weather was really good and it took me about 45 minutes to climb that mountain. Continue reading

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