WHAT TO DO IN BALI !? escape the tourism

My flight from Cambodia to Bali was amazing because we landed in Bali around sunset-time and it looked incredible to fly next to the volcanos and land right next to the ocean.

The visa is free here in Bali for one month and when I collected my backpack again after I got my VISA stamp my shoes which I put outside on my backpack were gone.
I walked out of the airport and right before I exit the airport a guy came and told me that he wants to check my bag.

I thought okay Continue reading


A couple of years ago I found myself stuck in an office-job which I didn’t enjoy doing & I started to question everything in life a lot!

Everyone around me was doing a job they didn’t like in order to get 5 weeks holiday in a year and get pension when they turn 65 years.
They spent 40 hours a week working for someone else in order to get some income.

People around me were unhappy because they are just following everyone else & everyone is unhappy and need to get drunk on the weekend in order to forget about their life!

For me -> that was not a good option to do !!! Continue reading

one of the most beautiful cities – KAMPOT, Cambodia

An Indian guy who wrote me on the couch-surfing app came to cambodia for a short holiday. He told me that he can help me with making a great video as he loves doing that and so we met in Kep on my last day in the eco-lodge. We rented a scooter from there and drove another 25 km to the next city Kampot. It’s a small and chill city with a river and a national park around.

He booked a super nice place for us next to the river and outside of town. We stayed in a treehouse and I could sleep in a hammock.
I was so happy!
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KEP, Cambodia – teaching english in an eco-lodge

Kep is a small chill town on the coast of Cambodia. It once belonged to the french people & that’s why there are so many french people living now and almost every menu in the restaurants are written in french as well.

I found a volunteering job in a eco-lodge! (a french one of course) 😀
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I chose the bus company Nattakan from Bangkok to Siem Reap in Cambodia. It was around 20 dollars for a 8-9 hour bus ride and we got water, snacks and a vegetarian lunch. Continue reading


After I stayed in the north of Thailand for 10 days I was looking for a workaway job. I found a Dhamma meditation centre which was looking for an assistant to help them with their daily duties & who can help them with teaching english and mindfulness to kids in the school. I thought that sounds really interesting so I applied and I immediately got a response that I can come.
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After a 11 hours bus-ride I arrived at 7 am in the morning in the city Chiang Mai. It’s a city in the northern part of Thailand.
From there I was looking for a bus up to a small hippietown which is surrounded by beautiful mountains. It is called Pai. I found a very cool looking transportation, I think they are called jeepneys. It’s mostly where locals go with because its cheap. I got in one of those with another couple from Thailand and we were driving 3 hours through amazing nature and the windiest road I have ever experienced. Continue reading

on the road again – THAILAND

On the 6th of February it was again time to say goodbye to my family and friends. I spent 1,5 months in Austria and it was so good to see everyone again. I spent as much time as I could with my family.
This time, I booked a flight from Munich to Bangkok with Ukraine airlines. I never used that airline before and now I know why. Continue reading

MUSIC is the wallpaper of our minds !

what do you think when your hear the word music ?

for me, music is:
.. when I sit (like right now) on a big balcony overlooking amazing rice-paddies in the north of Thailand and listening to all those noises around.

It’s like all those animals are making a concert. There are roosters screaming, all those different birds singing, I hear the relaxing sound of the water in the river, sometimes I hear some scooters driving past, .. it’s so gorgeous here! Continue reading

there is no wifi in the forest but i promise you will find a better connection!

i grew up with the attitude that you have to work hard for your money and nothing in life is for free.
i don’t exactly know where my intention to travel the world came from but i guess i was just curious if life is really about buying stuff we don’t need, with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t even like!
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